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ð American Vampire Ï Download by ¸ Jennifer Armintrout Oh my, how to put this nicely Ok, here, I m not a fan of this book.
Our main character is a jerk, to put it midly I usually don t like male leads in urban fantasy, but this is romance or something , so that s not a problem The problem is, he comes off as immediately unlikable Unlikable as in he wants to screw every hot lookin babe that doesn t have an attitude problem on the planet He likes to get freaky with his sire and can t wait to see her again He drives a nice car, of course, and treats the first person he comes across in this book like crap So there s that.
In case you didn t know, which is understandable since I had no idea coming into this, this novel takes place in an supernatural town that once you enter you can t Our vampire hero, Graf, is on his way to Washington, D.
C for a party with his sire, Sophia, when he pauses for a late night snack at an abandoned gas station in a small town The only problem is his snack , a Penance, Ohio resident named Jessa, is also being chased by a giant monster possum Or something Graf isn t sure exactly what It is, but he knows it s bigger, stronger, and much, much smellier than he is, and proceeds to high tail it out of Penance At least, that was the plan.
Unfortunately for Graf, all of the residents of Penance have been trapped for five years with no contact to the outside world Travelers can pass right through, but they never stop, and only a few whispered rumors indicate that anyone from Penance has ever been able to leave And now, they can add a vampire to their numbers.
What worked for me Buried In The Heartland Is A Town That No One Enters Or Leaves Graf McDonald Somehow Becomes Its First Visitor In Than Five Years And He Was Only Looking For A Good Party Unfortunately, Penance, Ohio, Is Not That Place And After Having Been Isolated For So Long, They Do Not Like Strangers At AllJessa S The Only One To Even Remotely Trust Him, And She S Desperate For The Kind Of Protection That Only A Vampire Like Graf Can Provide Supplies Are Low, The Locals Are Ornery For A Sacrifice And There S A Monster Powerful Than Graf Lurking In The Woods New Men Are Hard To Come By In This Lonesome Town, And This Handsome Stranger Might Be Jessa S Only Hope For SalvationEven If She Has To Die First Quick Take Indeed, I enjoyed this book overall The premise was fun and not the typical vampire tale It had plenty of tense action packed moments it played somewhat like a movie, come to think of it It s gruesome, chilling, witty, exciting and not without a bit of the sweet romance that I so love When it comes to scary stuff, there s nothing quite like the unknown, don t you think I started reading this book without any knowledge of story particulars plot, characters, genre themes , and am glad I did While I wasn t scared into going to bed with the lights on, I was certainly deliciously creeped out with some of the mysterious aspects of this stand alone novel from Jennifer Armintrout.
This book seems to fall into a couple of genres The book is undoubtedly spooky Especially in the beginning of the story, there was a feeling of desolation and the sense of an insur Reviewed by Mona at RexRobotReviews.
comAmerican Vampire by Jennifer Armintrout is a twisted tale of romance and horror It pulled me in with the GPS dysfunctional vampire that I actually found very likeable, with his penchant for leather and great taste in vintage cars But the interaction between the main characters left me dragging I loved the snarky comments and dialogue between them at times, but the overall connection was very slow in the making.
At first I felt sorry for the town being trapped by an unknown It that harassed them Then I got to know the towns people and I really felt sorry for Graf the unwittingly trapped vampire By the time romance came into play, I was actually prompting Graf in my head to run away The horror element was possibly a tie between the It monster and the townspeople themselves As a reader of Jennifer Armintrout s previous books, this one left On his way to have a good time, the vampire Graf gets stuck in his worst nightmare He stumbles into a town that has had no one enter nor leave for five years If that wasn t creepy enough, then add in a terrible monster that preys on the townspeople He winds up having to rely on the first person he meets in town, Jessa, a gruff and angry woman Even though she hates his guts, she knows his stuff will help her if she can trade it for supplies so she can survive It becomes an uneasy alliance as they both need each other if they hope to survive not only the monster, but the mob mentality of the townspeople as well.
In the beginning of this book Graf was a really pompous character, and I didn t really care for him at all Come to th originally posted at Favorite Quote I m not going to let anyone hurt you You threatened to kill me before Yeahthat was before It seems like there s competition for the job now and I m not one to follow a trend Graf just wanted to get to his sire s annual 4th of July party but a wrong turn brings him to Penance, Ohio A town literally stuck in time Jessa, a town resident, knows something is wrong with Graf but he s the only one she can trust right now A monster is loose in Penance and Jessa knows that Graf is the only one who can save her even if it means dying.
I found myself liking this book much then I thought I would An interesting premise of a very modern vampire stuck in a small minded town with no way to leave The beginni

I read this back in 2012 or so because I d started following the author s blog she now goes by Jenny Trout to avoid confusion with Jennifer L Armentrout It was enjoyable nice and short, the story moved quickly, the characters were interesting enough if not particularly anything than that, the story was tight, with no plot holes, and the writing was good And yet it lacked that something that would have made it than a 3 star read I d look for of Jenny s books, except most of them are erotic romances and aren t really my thing.
Opening LineIf there was one power a vampire could really use, Graf McDonald figured it would have to be internal GPS Graf McDonald is just your average American vampire, and that s part of why I liked this book so much Well that and the cover, which for some reason kept catching my eye Anyways, he doesn t ooze raw sexuality or have any OTT cool vampire skills other than the obvious , he isn t self loathing or sparkly or even particularly sexy In fact he s pretty useless, just a vampire with a bad sense of direction and a wickedly sarcastic sense of humour who happens to find himself trapped in the small inert town of Penance Ohio running from a monster named It and trying to either bed or drain the girl he hasn t decided which yet This really was LOL funny in places Graf s running internal dialogue and snarky observations of small town life had me markin

Jennifer Armintrout is a pseudonym for Jenny Trout.