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[ Read Online Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss ¾ walking PDF ] by Sharlene Azam È 3 1 2 stars to this I don t think that saying I like the book is really appropriate given the content and the fact that it disturbed me so much It was worth the read, eye opening, and put together well I m glad I read it since I was unaware of the subject matter until stumbling upon this book.
The topic of this book is quite interesting, but it s not written super well I noticed some pretty big typos in the book quite instead of quiet and the general pace was dawdling The use of headers was odd and it took awhile to figure out who was being interviewed at which point and who was saying what The book was also organized in a way that didn t permit a good flow or arc of information It essentially came down to a dozen or so interviews with girls and their mothers, without any preface on the girl s different situations and how they contribute to a larger narrative of over sexualization and prostitution in children With a decent editor and better interactions, this book could have been really powerful and engaging Without those things it was of a chore to finish than anything else.
This was based on a study conducted in Canada about the expectations placed on 12 17 yr old girls and how difficult it is to convict a young man of sexually inappropriate behavior I was surprised the double standard is widening instead of being equal, and it was difficult to realize what pressure young girls and guys could be under in public schools and private parties and sleepovers It is also revealing how important a stable father figure is in a girl s life possibly the single most important factor in rape proofing a girl.
Though it is graphic content, it is important reading for parents.

A disturbing look into the sex culture of the white, upper middle class Or, how Bratz dolls and other culture clues are sexualizing our pre teens I had to read it for a paper for school, but had to note it here, it stuck with me so much.
This book is intense It features interviews of 11 17 year olds involved in prostitution, abuse and what the author calls sexual bullying My qualm with the book is that it is very expository and shocking, like the author was trying to say this is out there, pay attention But now that I know it s out there by the end of the book I feel no better equipped to do something about it than at the beginning of the book There was a three page section at the end about tips for parents but that s about it.
This Book Is About The Recent Emergence Of Teenage Prostitution Rings In Affluent Canadian Suburbs Attractive, White, High School Girls , And Years Old Are Having Sex With Up To Men A Night, Several Times A Week, So They Can Go Shopping Other Girls Are Selling Their Virginity For These Are Not Street Prostitutes They Are The Prettiest Girls From The Most Successful Families, Explains One Expert Your Daughter S Best Friend Is Recruiting Her Right Out Of Your House, Right Under Your Nose, Says Detective Randy Wickins Of The Edmonton Vice Unit Oral Sex Is the New Goodnight Kiss Is A Wake Up Call For Parents, Showing Them Girls Who Have Been Recruited, Their Mothers, Their Friends Who Recruited Them The New Pimps , And The Vice Cops And Experts Who Are Trying To Make Sense Of This New Middle Class Phenomenon

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