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[ Pdf Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys ☆ fire-engines PDF ] by Michael Collins ¶ NASA Astronaut Michael Collins Trained As An Experimental Test Pilot Before Venturing Into Space As A Vital Member Of The Gemini And Apollo Missions In Carrying The Fire, His Account Of His Voyages Into Space And The Years Of Training That Led Up To Them, Collins Reveals The Human Tensions, The Physical Realities, And The Personal Emotions Surrounding The Early Years Of The Space Race Collins Provides Readers With An Insider S View Of The Space Program And Conveys The Excitement And Wonder Of His Journey To The Moon As Skilled At Writing As He Is At Piloting A Spacecraft, Collins Explains The Clash Of Personalities At NASA And Technical Aspects Of Flight With Clear, Engaging Prose, Withholding Nothing In His Candid Assessments Of Fellow Astronauts Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, And Buzz Aldrin, And Officials Within NASA A Fascinating Memoir Of Mankind S Greatest Journey Told In Familiar, Human Terms, Carrying The Fire Is By Turns Thrilling, Humorous, And Thought Provoking, A Unique Work By A Remarkable Man Excellent, intimate account of humanity s greatest achievement.
This is probably the best non fictional book I ve ever read On nearly five hundred elated, honest, vivid and detail filled pages Michael Collins wraps up his brilliant career as a USAF test pilot, engineer and NASA astronaut on both the Gemini 10 and Apollo 11 missions Being very humble, Collins confesses that he thinks he never possessed extreme talent or expertise in any of the necessary fields of becoming an astronaut I m sure he did though , and that his career was rather an excellent throw of the dice, having a lot of luck throughout two decades, even when unfortunate occasions came his way like spinal surgery just before his designated first flight with Apollo 9, shifting him to Apollo 11 The greates If You read Just One Book By An Astronaut, Make It This OneI am a space buff and have read many good accounts of the space program, including Andrew Chaikin s amazing A Man on the Moon, which should be required reading for everyone interested in these genera As for books written by astronauts, Carrying the Fire An Astronaut s Journeys by Michael Collins is probably the best I have read along with Jim Lovell s Lost Moon, aka Apollo 13 An important point to make right off the bat is that Collins had no co author on this project as many do He did it all himself, and let me tell you, he can write.
Michael Collins, for those of you who don t know, was the third astronaut on Apollo 11, the one who stayed up and flew the command module while Neil and Buzz got all the press making the first moon landing Some may think that the Command Module Pilot got the short e One of the first, and still the best, of the astronaut books matter of fact, funny, precise, and whimsical, all in one A must read for any space enthusiast.
Out of the several NASA related books I ve read, this was my favorite It was written in 1974, so the subject matter of space flight was a lot fresher on Collins s mind compared to a lot of NASA biographies that were written in the 2000s I think that gives the book a lively feel than other biographies, since the Apollo program had just wound down and he could still recall things vividly And Collins wrote it without a ghostwriter, which is pretty impressive since his writing is very good He s also surprisingly funny He gives a lot of insight into the personalities of the other astronauts and he isn t shy about giving his opinions about them I knew next to nothing about Collins other than the obvious things before reading this, but it s written so well that I now have a better gras An educational, inspiring read.
Michael Collins never set out to be an Astronaut, or make history, but he did and he did it with determination, humor and a Rocket named Apollo XI.
This book was written when everything we know about Space today, wasn t known then There was no ISS, there was no high tech laptops and colorful video cameras Mobile phones today have advancements than Space did in those times Yet they managed to send Astronauts to the moon, than once Everything back then was new, undiscovered, and spending than weeks in Space was unheard of, unlike today.
When I picked up this book and despite the great reviews written about it I was still hesitant to read it, not because it was another Astronaut autobiography but because it may be filled with terminology I didn t understand, and it was, however, Mike wrote in a way that made these big, unfamiliar words along with ph Carrying the Fire is the memoir of Michael Collins, who was command module pilot on Apollo 11, the first human lunar landing mission More than forty years after its first publication, it is still the gold standard of Apollo astronaut bios Collins has a real feel for writing, compared with his colleagues, most of whom have written very dryly It is also worth noting that Collins is one of the very few astronauts maybe the only one who wrote without the need for a collaborator He was known in the astronaut corps for his casual professionalism Collins is frequently witty, funny, self deprecating, and he s unafraid to level withering criticisms at some of the madness of being an astronaut His description of an astronaut s worst nightmare going around the country on speaking gigs to promote the space program, which he calls being in the barrel Collins notes early on in this book that he chose to eschew the services of a ghostwriter, apologizing that the prose will not be as polished as a result It was a wise choice.
Collins voice is friendly and straightforward, eminently likeable He has little interest in delving into deep psychological analysis or talking much at all about his personal life, choosing instead to focus on his path, and NASA s, to the moon Self deprecating humor and a profound appreciation for the contributions of the people surrounding him keeps the tone light and prevents any trace of boasting as he recounts a remarkable career The details really are fascinating I knew a lot of the history, having been an enormous space buff as a child, but there s a difference in hearing it from a personal perspective The Apollo 1 fire, for example, skips any of the gruesome descriptions While this was written several decades ago it feels timeless and important Not many people could say they ve been to space, or the moon, or orbited the moon by themselves at times the only human in the universe to be on the dark side of the moon while their companions were walking on its gray sands I could say I wanted I don t know what , maybe introspection, or poetry but really for what this is I m wholly satisfied I like the stark honesty and detail Collins uses to describe NASA, other astronauts he worked with, even his own somewhat pompous habits of thought that he pokes at with subtle humor I can t get enough of astronaut memoirs right now and I think part of that is due to them being both extremely exciting having an experience and a perspective few could ever imagine and being written clearly by the actual astronauts and not some editor or ghost writer as is

See this thread for information. 2 Astronaut Michael Collins is a former American astronaut and test pilot Selected as part of the third group of fourteen astronauts in 1963, he flew in space twice His first spaceflight was Gemini 10, in which he and command pilot John Young performed two rendezvous with different spacecraft and Collins undertook two EVAs His second spaceflight was as the command module pilot for Apollo 11 While he orbited the Moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made the first manned landing on the lunar surface.