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☆ Bringing Down the Duke ☆ Download by ☆ Evie Dunmore Woohoo Why I love itby Siobhan JonesWhen I started at BOTM, I was a professed literary snob and probably flaunted that term with pride queue eye roll I never read romance books because I assumed they were too cheesy and poorly written to be considered worthy of my time Years later, dozens of romance books devoured, I m so happy to report that, on that score, I was wrong.
Set in turn of the century England, this is the story of Annabelle Archer, a plucky woman with the opportunity to become one of the first female graduates at the prestigious University of Oxford Upon entering college, she becomes an advocate for the women s suffrage movement, which is how she first encounters the Duke of Montgomery an influential, ill tempered political adversary whom she must convince into becoming an ally A clash of two strong willed, sharp tongued enemies Sounds hot Bringing Do A Stunning Debut For Author Evie Dun And Her Oxford Rebels, In Which A Fiercely Independent Vicar S Daughter Takes On A Duke In A Fiery Love Story That Threatens To Upend The British Social Order England, Annabelle Archer, The Brilliant But Destitute Daughter Of A Country Vicar, Has Earned Herself A Place Among The First Cohort Of Female Students At The Renowned University Of Oxford In Return For Her Scholarship, She Must Support The Rising Women S Suffrage Movement Her Charge Recruit Men Of Influence To Champion Their Cause Her Target Sebastian Devereux, The Cold And Calculating Duke Of Montgomery Who Steers Britain S Politics At The Queen S Command Her Challenge Not To Give In To The Powerful Attraction She Can T Deny For The Man Who Opposes Everything She Stands ForSebastian Is Appalled To Find A Suffragist Squad Has Infiltrated His Ducal Home, But The Real Threat Is His Impossible Feelings For Green Eyed Beauty Annabelle He Is Looking For A Wife Of Equal Standing To Secure The Legacy He Has Worked So Hard To Rebuild, Not An Outspoken Commoner Who Could Never Be His Duchess But He Wouldn T Be The Greatest Strategist Of The Kingdom If He Couldn T Claim This Alluring Bluestocking Without The Promise Of A Ringor Could He Locked In A Battle With Rising Passion And A Will Matching Her Own, Annabelle Will Learn Just What It Takes To Topple A Duke 3.
7 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
In 1870s Victorian England, Annabelle didn t have a lot options when her father dies and is forced to live with her cousin who treats her like help he doesn t have to pay When a former friend of her father and professor from Oxford who she has been corresponding with offers a scholarship to their women s college, she works out a plan to attend There she joins up with the National Society for Women s Suffrage, makes friends, see s a pathway to gaining any smidgen of freedom, and meets a Duke.
Having to take over the Dukedom at the age of nineteen, that his father did his best to gamble away, Sebastian has always fe ARC received for an honest review I think this is my best ARC this year Best historical romance Best new author And I didn t expect any of it.
First off, the cover is silly and the book is not What the book is, however, is that rarest of jewels emotional and passionate whilst remaining sweet and delicious You ve read this story a thousand times uptight dude meets unconventional chick Strong personalities clash Aggravation turns to want turns to love But Dun does it with panache She breathes new life into a beloved trope giving it a fresh spark yet not destroying something sacred There is something magnificent in finding that rare book that gives you the feels without being smothering or cloying or depressing It s a deft hand that crafts something this delicate yet substantial Evie Dun s debut is a marvel Set against the backdrop of the British suffrage movement, Bringing Down the Duke is a witty, richly detailed, historically significant, and achingly romantic celebration of the power of love and the passionate fight for women s rights A stunning blend of history and romance that will enchant readers.
This is an incredibly strong debut in historical romance I m excited to see a new author who reminds me so much of Courtney Milan, as I would love to see historicals with that quality of writing, thematic depth, and 21st century attitudes lens applied to a historical milieu I want to describe this books as plucky and charming, as well as feminist AF and quite swoony Beyond that read the back cover copy If this book sounds like a trope combo you could like, I highly recommend it Especially for readers who have some trepidation about the romance genre I think this could be a friendly point of entry if you already know you enjoy historical fiction in generalVery excited to see from this author in the future Berkeley is seriously slaying the game with their 2019 line up Title Bringing Down the Duke Series A League of Extraordinary Women 1Author Evie DunRelease date September 3, 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre historical romancePerhaps, her father should have made her read Sleeping Beauty instead of The Iliad her life might have turned out quite differently.
There s been a lot of early hype for this book, and I m here to say that every bit of it has been earned I ve read a lot of historical romances with strong heroines who overcome the obstacles and restrictions put on them What I genuinely don t think I ve read is a heroine who joins the women s suffrage movement, and that was a big drawing point for me I was really intrigued to read about how the author would portray the group of women, the public s perception of them, and the challenges they faced I loved the fact that Annabelle is one of the first female student

I seriously question my life because I m reading all these September releases which, particularly in this case, means I have a very long wait for the next book and boy do I want it.
Is this my favourite HR of 2019 I think it might be I m not quite rounding up here but man this is a strong, high, four star read This has a plot we ve all seen done a million times but omg Dun makes it feel fresh and new and fun I devoured this in a handful of hours which, considering this slump BS, says a lot I m blown away this is a debut It s always a gamble, particularly in this genre, but don t sleep on this one, bookies Bringing Down the Duke has smart ladies, women s rights, a romance that defies societal rules banter, swoons, tension, chemistry, fabulous secondary lady characters, and.
If you can, request If you can t, preorder If you don t want to do either, recommen Bringing Down the Duke is a debut novel with lots of potential The book had some of my favorite aspects and it also played during a time, the late 1800s, which isn t often portrait in historical romance novels Most stories are set during Regency England between 1811 and 1820 This novel plays during the time of suffragettes, when women were being allowed at college and during the time of winning voting rights for females It was certainly an exciting time With many strong and forward thinking women.
I really enjoyed the different era The author kept the information about that particular time well balanced And I applaud her for writing about a not so overly covered period of time Although not everything resonated with me the way I hoped it would Nevertheless I really enjoyed the way the author portrayed that specific epoch of time.
I think what was crucial for me was that e

Debut author Evie Dun wrote BRINGING DOWN THE DUKE inspired by the magical scenery of Oxford and her passion for romance, women pioneers, and all things Victorian In her civilian life, she is a strategy consultant with a M.Sc in Diplomacy from Oxford Scotland and the great outdoors have a special place in her heart, so she can frequently be found climbing the Highlands and hunting for wooll