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[Ariana Nash] ã Silk & Steel [accra PDF] Read Online Ä Have you ever wanted so bad to fall in love with a book because of its cover Me DNF I am sad Okay, I opened this book up 3 times Because the cover kept drawing me in But, when the Mom felt her sons arousal and the scene also notes the air of erotica, which I m not a HUGE fan of either I found myself mechanically reading till about 50% Then I just gave up And, it s a shame because I love dark fantasy, but, it seems to be in the lines of Martin, George R.
, and Pacat, C.
S I like them because the implication of erotica sex is not the first thing your hit with So, note to self I am merrily marking this as a dnf and a quote scene of the mom, so that I do not make the mistake of going back and try to read this again She lowered her hand, found his hardening arousal through his trousers, and pushed her palm in, dancing his desires toward the edge of pain Hmmm, she purred in his ear.
I m a huge fan of Pippa DaCosta s writing so when I found out she was writing a dark fantasy M M story under the pen name of Ariana Nash I immediately added it to my wish list Throw in the fact that the main characters of Silk Steel are an elven assassin and a dragon prince and I just couldn t wait to get started Anyone who has ever read any of Pippa s stories will know that she excels at detailed world building and tortured heroes and she has outdone herself on both of those fronts with this book.
Eroan is one of the few surviving members of the elven assassins, his whole life has been spent training to kill the dragon queen although he has always known that he is likely to die in the attempt than to actually succeed He came so close to achieving his goal but he was captured by the dragon prince Lysander and now he is being held prisoner in their stronghold The only thing keeping The Dragon Queen S Reign Is One Of Darkness And Death Humans Have Vanished Under The Rubble Of Their World And If The Queen Has Her Way, Elves Will Be NextEroan, One Of The Last Elven Assassins, Lives For One Purpose Kill The Queen He Would Have Succeeded If Not For Her Last Line Of Defense Prince Lysander Now, Captured And Forced Into The Queen S Harem, Eroan Sees Another Opportunity Why Kill Just The Queen When He Can Kill Them All It Would Be Simple, If Not For The Troubled And Alluring Prince A Warrior, A Killer, And Something Else , Something Eroan Finds Himself Inexplicably Drawn ToTrapped In A Life He Despises, Lysander Knows His Time Is Running Out If The Queen Doesn T Kill Him For His Failures, Her Enemies Will There S Nothing Left To Live For, Until An Elf Assassin Almost Kills Him A Stubborn, Prideful, Fool Of An Elf Who Doesn T Know When To Quit An Elf Who Sparks A Violent, Forbidden Desire In Lysander If Lysander Can T Save Himself, Maybe He Can Save The Elf And Maybe, Just Maybe One Stubborn Elf Will Be Enough To Bring Down The Queen Before She Kills Them All Duty Demands They Fight For Their People Love Has Other Plans Warning Reader Advisory Silk Steel Is Not A Romance This Series Is A DARK FANTASY Intended For Mature Readers While Silk Steel Is A Love Story, It Is Not For Everyone It Is Not Categorized On , And Not Sold As M M Romance It DOES Feature A Strong M M LOVE STORY That Develops Over Three books Silk Steel Features A Gay Dragon Shifter, A Bisexual Elf, And Adult Themes There Is Triggering Content That Some Readers May Find Distressing, Including Implied Incest, Abuse, Violence, Dubious Consent, And On Page Sex None Of These Instances Are Gratuitous There Is Heterosexual Sex And Gay Sex The Intense And Star Crossed Relationship Between The Two Male Leads Develops Over Three books OUT NOW TRIGGER WARNING ATTEMPTED SEXUAL ASSAULT AND DUBIOUS CONSENT When Ariana Nash first said she is planning on writing a dark M M fantasy romance book I was really worried First because I m not all that into M M Usually the story has to be really good for me to ignore the fact that the sex scenes make me uncomfortable and most often than not manage to turn me completely off I know this is a bias and that if it s a conventional romance I would let a lot slide plot wise than when I m reading M M I do try to keep an open mind and always think how my gay friends have amazing mental stamina to get through the M F scenes that are the norm Basically homosexual scenes do nothing for me so I tend to only read the dialogues and focus on the relationship The romance itself is no problem for me, I get just as involved emotionally and I root for the couple and feel all mushy inside Ok, I m going in Spoilers aheadThis book was just alright Giving it 3 stars is me being generous It starts with Eroan being captured while attempting to assassinate the Dragon Queen He is starved and tortured until the queen discovers that her son, Lysander, seems very interested in Eroan The queen decides to add Eroan to her harem despite Eroan batting for the other team She has some magnetism thing going on that enthralls the males to her that is never really explained Lysander, who is attracted to Eroan kills her before she can make that happen and then flees to another dragon clan as his brother tries to kill him as revenge In the melee, Eroan returns to his clan, everyone is shocked to see him because no one ever returns from the mission Obviously he s been tortured and is disillusioned, he s spent years living his life just to kill the queen and didn t even g DNF 66%I should ve stopped way sooner I really should have.
I read the sample, it was awesome, so I bought it on a whim I wanted something not contemporary, and something that s plot driven This fit the bill perfectly.
My review is full of spoilers, read it at your own peril.
The story starts with Eroan love the name who is an elf, sent to kill the dragon queen The opening scene shows him chained to a wall in the dragonskeep He got captured during the fight But we haven t actually seen the fight, unfortunately I would have loved to see that.
He s been captured by Lysander, the queen s son, one of the dragon prince If it wasn t clear before, yes, they can shift from a human body to dragon form.
Eroan was so fierce and defiant, I liked him immediately.
Lysander took a liking to him, but of course they were enemies.
The world bui read for the 2019 MacHalo Splendiferous Book Bingo Thingie MSBBT challenge over at the MacHalo Asylum43 Author Who Wrote a 2018 Fav Pippa DaCosta as Ariana Nash Bonus CardUglmjd Yet another weird unintelligible sound escaped her as she sat there for this past hour, splitting her attention between looking at her tablets black screen and staring at a spot in the ceiling without really seeing This was as productive as the hour and a half she spent laying diagonally on her bed facing the ceiling and thinking furiously, occasionally raising her fist with righteous indignation or waddled her feet in energetic ways while half laughing half squeeing Maybe, just maybe, if she moved words would come She went and ate a doughnut Chocolate glazed HmmShe went back to her tablet Stared Nothing No words Much thoughts White noise I Got It she thought Start typingMOTHERFUCKING WOW I AM WRECKED LYSA

Silk Steel is the first major foray into M M for author Pippa DaCosta, writing under the pen name Ariana Nash As the author warned in her readers group on Facebook, it s an emotional rollercoaster and very, very dark.
Anyone familiar with the author s other works will know to expect AMAZING world building, and will not be disappointed Ariana Nash crafts a post apocalyptic world of dragons and elves, with humans clinging onto the outskirts, battered but not broken.
Our heroes are an unlikely pair a steely elven assassin and a disgraced dragon prince, thrown together by circumstance They forge an unlikely connection across the lines of battle, but the war between their two peoples is not kind to any who dare to step outside the definition of enemy If you re looking for sweet and sexy M M romance, this ain t it, folks move along nothing to see here If, however, you Audio 5 stars I m so glad I waited on the audio because the narrator s performance was perfect Story 5 stars Loved, loved, loved Thank you so much for the rec, Achim xxIt s the rare story that I find extended couple separation acceptable This is one the rare stories Firstly, because it s book 1 of a trilogy If the author makes up for the separation in the upcoming books, all will be forgiven Secondly, I felt the connection between the MCs even though they were together for a short while And even though they believe the other dead, I could also feel their longing for the other Thirdly, the story is action packed and fast paced so it kept me engaged and distracted from the lack of romance.
I m so ready for book 2 Eight days until the audio comes out.
Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestEver since I read C.
S Pacat s CAPTIVE PRINCE, I ve been looking for other dark fantasy books that have that same fantasy bodice ripper vibe SILK STEEL comes the closest of all the other books I ve read to capturing that same balance of unapologetic smut and court intrigue, kind of like if GAME OF THRONES was written for the female gaze Honestly, though, it had me at angsty dragon prince and arrogant warrior elf.
Prince Lysander is the younger son of a sadistic dragon queen who has physically and sexually abused him his whole life He s treated as broken because of his attraction to men, and now she s trying to sell him and breed him with one of the other dragon clans, one that revels in violent orgies Oh, boy Eroan, on the other hand, is an elven assassin charged with the murder of Lysander s

Born to wolves, Ariana Nash only ventures from the Cornish moors when the moon is fat and the night alive with myths and legends She captures those myths in glass jars and returning home, weaves them into stories filled with forbidden desires, fantasy realms, and wicked delights Her debut novel Silk Steel releases in 2019 Sign up to her newsletter here