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Ë Here To Stay ☆ Download by ✓ Mark Edwards A old Victorian house lovingly restored by Elliott is now home to him and his new bride, Gemma Life is beautiful Ah, time for Elliott to meet the in laws They had been living in France and are currently without a place to call home Mom, Pop, and Sis are invited to stay for the nonce while they find a place of their own This segues all too quickly into a nightmare The family visitors turn into something akin to squatters, rude, nasty, and possibly dangerous Did I mention the home is located on Cuckoo Lane Have a care as to whom you invite into your home Better yet, cut your losses and don t extend the invitation at all.
Another blinder of a book by one of my favourite psychological thriller authors, Mark Edwards What Mark does so brilliantly in all of his books is make you think, what would I do in this situation and in Here To Stay I was as flummoxed and frustrated as his main character, Elliot What would you do if in laws from hell turned up, moved in and refused to move out There were surprises galore in this book and I said, Oh no aloud, several times you are a cruel man, Mark Edwards Here To Stay is quite possibly Mark s best book to date You can t help but root for Elliot whose perfectly ordered life is so cruelly disturbed and I frantically turned the pages, desperate to find out how he was going to get rid of his hellish mother and father in law No spoilers but the ending had me holding my breath Brilliantly entertaining, deviously plotted and utterly We re the Robinsons we re survivors Holy shitzies, fellow readers WHAT A ROLLER COASTER RIDE I m a long time fan of Mark Edwards, but he truly outdid himself with this gem of a story I started reading it about 6 hours ago, and I m already finished I couldn t put my Kindle down The characters All beautifully fleshed out, especially Elliotas a reader, I could feel his pain, frustration, anger, and despair In his shoes, I d feel the exact same way I found myself cheering him on throughout the novel The Robinson familyall so intensely vile some of the best antagonists I ve read this year This book gave me ANXIETY, y all But in the best possible way This isn t really a twisty novelthe whodunit is pretty obvious from the get go, despite a few strategically placed red herrings Right up to it s final moment, however, it s deliciously satisfying I highly recommend this Well I m certainly feeling rather lucky to have great in laws, especially after this thrilling read And I wish I could give this than 5 stars, it s worth a hundred at least.
Not only were the characters exceptionally well put together, but the storyline itself with superb It has the twists, the turns and the emotion that every psychological thriller NEEDS to have to be successful And Mark Edwards has nailed it on the head I thought The Lucky Ones and The Retreat were my favourites but this one has topped them all I actually think this might be the best book I ve ever read.
The main character, the Alpha let s say, Elliot, was written to perfection His emotions, his thought ethics, his smartness in Science, his intelligence and his whole persona made hi Danger Will Robinson No wait, different Robinson family but trust me you d far rather be lost in space with those Robinsons than you would be down on earth with Mark Edwards latest creations a family from hell and no mistake, poor Elliot.
Elliot falls in love, gets married, settles down into wedded bliss then BOOM the in laws arrive and everything takes a darkly horrific turn This is definitely a book you read with mouth hanging open as this couple and their strange family take over everything in sight, refuse to leave, create chaos and generally behave like lunatics The longer they stay the worse things get with death, dark deeds and hidden secrets around every corner.
Mark Edwards is one of the best purveyors of domest Imagine The in laws from hell come to visit and they re Here To Stay I was riveted to the storyline from start to finish and the there is a surprise ending to cap off an excellent read Highly recommended The book was made available by First Reads, prerelease copies of new books Thanks A Beautiful Home A Loving Wife And In Laws To Die ForGemma Robinson Comes Into Elliot S Life Like A Whirlwind, And They Marry And Settle Into His Home When She Asks Him If Her Parents Can Come To Stay For A Couple Of Weeks, He Is Keen To Oblige He Just Doesn T Quite Know What He S Signing Up ForThe Robinsons Arrive With Gemma S Sister, Chloe, A Mysterious Young Woman Who Refuses To Speak Or Leave Her Room Elliot Starts To Suspect That The Robinsons Are Hiding A Dark Secret And Then There Are The Scars On His Wife S Body That She Won T Talk AboutAs Elliot S In Laws Become Comfortable In His Home, Encroaching On All Aspects Of His Life, It Becomes Clear That They Have No Intention Of Moving Out To Protect Gemma, And Their Marriage, Elliot Delves Into The Robinsons Past But Is He Prepared For The Truth From The Two Million Copy Bestselling Author Comes A Tale About The Chilling Consequences Of Welcoming Strangers Into Your Home This is my first Mark Edwards book even though one of my GR friends kept recommending him to me Now I am like what was I stalling about Here To Stay is the story of a nice guy who meets the girl of his dreams and learns that she is really rather a nightmare It isn t a story of an unreliable narrator as it is a story full of lying liars This is one of those stories where you want to jump into the book and slap the narrator like Cher in Moonlighting and yell Snap out of it and use your grand IQ and are ye daft It is the story of the in laws from hell And how you should never invite the vampire in, it renders you powerless It is a story about not trusting appearances It is an urban horror story.
I didn t even look at any of the other Kindle First picks for this month, as soon as I saw Mark Edwards name I was in This is the fifth book of his I ve read and I ve yet to be disappointed.
I love how Edwards books are always about ordinary people who find themselves in situations where eventually they just go How did it come to this In this case it was how Elliot got the in laws from hell He jumps into marriage after a life altering event and the his in laws come for a short stay HA and they just decide not to leave Elliot TELLS them to leave and they just say no In the acknowledgements the author writes about how he consulted someone about the legalities of kicking someone out after you ve invited them to stay my advice is to let people know what local hote The best thing I can say about this is that the spelling and punctuation were good I finished it very, very quickly I read it fast, but not in that Oh My This is so good I ve got to know what happens next way in the Oh My This is so bad I just want it to be over way If you like incredibly stupid, unrealistic characters dumped down in the middle of stupid, unrealistic situations in a stupid, unrealistic plot with stupid, unrealistic twists that come as no surprise whatsoever, then THIS is the book for you

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