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↠´ The Adventure Zone  Download by º Clint McElroy In The Second Adventure Zone Graphic Novel Adapted From The McElroy Family S Wildly Popular DD Podcast , We Rejoin Hero Adjacent Sort Of Comrades In Arms Taako, Magnus, And Merle On A Wild Careen Through A DD Railroad Murder Mystery This Installment Has A Little Of Everything A Genius Child Detective, An Axe Wielding Professional Wrestler, A Surly Wizard, Cursed Magical Artifacts, And A Pair Of Meat MonstersYou Know, The Usual Things You Find On A TrainHot On The Heels Of The Adventure Zone Here There Be Gerblins , The Smash Hit Graphic Novel That Launched The Series, Murder On The Rockport Limited Picks Up The Saga Where Volume Left Off Both books Are Based On The Adventure Zone, A Tabletop RPG Comedy Podcast With Downloads Numbering In The Tens Of Millions And An Army Of Passionately Devoted Fans With Art And Co Adaptation From Carey Pietsch, The McElroys Are Once Again Turning Their Raucous Freewheeling DD Campaign Into Some Damn Fine Comics On the book tour for Gerblins, they all praised Carey s design for Graham The Juicy Wizard And yeah, I bet this book ll be good But I m 100%, all in, totally on board, completely infatuated, in this for the Juicy Wizard.
CAAARRRREEEEYYY CAREY PIETSCH CONTINUES TO BE BEYOND AMAZING AT ART FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, CHARACTER DESIGN, ENVIRONMENTS, TINY DETAILS ON BACKGROUNDS, TINY DETAILS ON PAPER books, TINY DETAILS ON EVERYTHING Listen, if you read Gerblins, you know what to expect from Rockport Shenanigans Absolutely hilarious hijinks And deep character moments And just a bit of foreshadowing There s nothing about this book I didn t like just as much if not than the podcast But Carey s art just takes it to the next fucking level God.
7 23 19I went through the book once, gonna re read it before giving it a thorough review, but in short it holds up better than the first volume No contest 12 4 18There s a preview of this good child on the website and I m already in love Look at this jovial freckle faced lad view spoiler hide spoiler This might be a bit of a biased review I m a huge fan of The Adventure Zone and borderline obsessed with the McElroys in general There was no way I wasn t going to love this, especially after the fantastic first volume Murder on the Rockport Limited improves on the first volume in almost every way and, just like the podcast, is where the real core of The Adventure Zone kicks off.
What I LikedThe art.
Carey Pietsch had already set the tone of this series of graphic novels in the first volume, but she continues to absolutely nail it in Rockport This volume introduces some beloved characters, most notably Angus McDonald, and Pietsch s versions of each is so perfect Every panel is absolutely gorgeous as wellThe transition from audio to visual Seriously I don t know how they pulled this of While Here There Be Gerblins was of a copy paste of the original Podcast, Murder on the Rockport Limited did a flawless job of adapting the best parts of the podcast while mindfully trimming and adding, to make the story well rounded and well paced A wonderful adaptation and well told story that s both dramatic and funny and just so good Some key jokes are left out of the comic, but this book does well at being it s own thing and adding fresh jokes that leave you in stitches We will always have the moments from the Podcast, so let s see what the book has to offer Also, wonderful art from Carrie, as always Her panels are so detailed and have some truly powerful visuals It s very emotional seeing our boys in action and our beloved side characters come to life and get involved in the adventure Looking forward to seeing this same treatment Three brothers and their dad started playing DD and recorded themselves playing it The podcast, The Adventure Zone, became so insanely popular, that we re now getting the graphic novel treatment for the eight arcs of their campaign What a world.
Listening to this campaign play out over the years was a source of joy Griffin, the DM,is a natural storyteller, and the familial bonds of the players elevates the comedy and camaraderie with each episode The story got good, then really good, then fucking BRILLIANT towards the end, and new podcast episode releases turned into midnight listening parties across the nation So there s a lot to live up to when translating this story to a new medium Will the story still make sense Will the humor still hit Will the audience still em The short version of any TAZ Balance review is just god, I love Taako so much but I ll try to say a few other things as well This is probably my favorite campaign from Balance, although some of my favorite parts aren t really translated to this graphic novel adaptation Still, all the characters and character designs are great and Clint does an amazing job of taking all their disorganized rambling from the podcast and translating into a much linear and well paced story Also, I don t know why but them ragging on Jenkins about his spell slots is one of the most hilarious things in the whole series to me so I enjoyed that a lot here Definitely makes me want to go back and listen to the podcast version though because they obviously cut out all the parts where they just could not figure out ANY part of Griffin s puzzles in this one and he finally got so frustrated tha Tres Horny Boys are back at it again, and I couldn t be happier to be along for the ride The Adventure Zone stands out as one of the most exciting, clever, hilarious, heart breaking and brilliant works of fantasy fiction I ve encountered and I m so pleased to announce that this second volume is just as successful as the first in capturing the wonderful heart and essence of the podcast with style, panache and lots of Jenkins bullying In addition to the crazy stunts, the most darling and wonderful of Boy Detectives and a good old fashioned parlor room mystery solving speech, there are several little additions to the story that absolutely delighted me in this volume First of all, slams fists on the table FUCKING THANK YOU FOR GIVING THE DWARF L Another great entry in The Adventure Zone s Balance series It s really amazing getting graphic novel adaptations of this story It s truly a fantastic tale, filled with interesting and surprising plot twists, fun and deep characters, and tons of varied, wild locales While I loved the story, I m not keen to re listen to over 70 hours of content, so being able to relive it in this easily digestible form with absolutely beautiful artwork accompanying it is great This second volume improves on the first by beginning to tweak the story a bit, given the family s knowledge now of where everything leads to, so they know what scenes were filler and not really necessary as well as the deeper mythology of the characters and plot which allowed them to create a powerful new scene at the end of this book that was not present in the podcast version

Clint McElroy is the father of Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy He does the Adventure Zone podcast with them and has also appeared on several Maximum Fun donors only bonus episodes.Clint is the Ultimate Dad.