Trailer õ The Better Sister PDF by ↠´ Alafair Burke

Trailer õ The Better Sister PDF by ↠´ Alafair Burke From Alafair Burke New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Runaway Hit, The Wife Comes Another Twisty Tale Of Domestic Noir When A Prominent Manhattan Lawyer Is Murdered, Two Estranged Sisters One The Dead Man S Widow, The Other His Ex Must Set Aside Mistrust And Old Resentments But Can They Escape Their Past Though Chloe Was The Younger Of The Two Taylor Sisters, She Always Seemed To Be In Charge She Was The Honor Roll Student With Big Dreams And An Even Bigger Work Ethic Nicky Was Always Restless And Than A Little Reckless The Opposite Of Her Ambitious Little Sister She Floated From Job To Job And Man To Man, And Stayed Close To Home In ClevelandFor A While, It Seemed Like Both Sisters Had Found Happiness Chloe Earned A Scholarship To An Ivy League School And Moved To New York City, Where She Landed A Coveted Publishing Job Nicky Married Promising Young Attorney Adam Macintosh, And Gave Birth To A Baby Boy They Named Ethan The Taylor Sisters Became Virtual StrangersNow, Than Fifteen Years Later, Their Lives Are Drastically Different And Chloe Is Married To Adam When He S Murdered By An Intruder At The Couple S East Hampton Beach House, Chloe Reluctantly Allows Her Teenaged Stepson S Biological Mother Her Estranged Sister, Nicky Back Into Her Life But When The Police Begin To Treat Ethan As A Suspect In His Father S Death, The Two Sisters Are Forced To Unite And To Confront The Truth Behind Family Secrets They Have Tried To Bury In The Past Find all of my reviews at my youngest would say That s soooooooo applicable here because The Better Sister was a damn good domestic thriller as can be seen by my rating Not only did it hold my interest throughout, but it did so without me even realizing how much progress I was making until I sat down to finish it last night and only had about 20% remaining Burke also proved she knows which lane to stay in This was a domestic NOT a police procedural or a courtroom drama or a wife sticking her nose where it didn t belong and doing what the pros couldn t do and it remained focused on the family throughout Not to mention it didn t attempt to throw everything at the wall to see what would stick or bounce around in different timelines or vi How do you tell people you married your sister s husband without sounding horribleI m sure there are inquiring minds other than my own who would like to know, is that even possible Well, don t you worry Alafair Burke tests the theory here with sisters, Chloe and Nicky While the women don t overtly vie for the title ofThe Better Sister , it s a given they ll have readers second guessing which of the two deserves the label Considering this was my first exposure to Burke s work, I had no clue what her storytelling could offer That little unknown, coupled with the number of unfavorable reviews that accumulated in the time it took for my name to reach the top of the library reserve list, found me less than enthusiastic I might have even toted the book home out of some twisted sense of obligation Waiting weeks for my turn meant it was only fair to try out a chapter or two And good thing I

5 stars Starts off strong, but turns into a mess The Better Sister is a domestic thriller about a woman good sister who marries her bad seed sister s former husband and raises her sister s son as her own Sounds juicy, right It gets even better because 10 years later, good sister s husband is murdered and her step son is a prime suspect Now, she must do whatever it takes to prove her son s innocence, even if it means reuniting with her crazy sister The Better Sister has so much potential I got sucked in immediately and couldn t wait to see what would happen next But at a certain point, it just got boring Then I began to notice weird gaps in time and some plot holes I pushed these issues to the side with the hope that they would be ironed out But unfortunately, they were not As I read further, the plot began to spiral I felt like Burke was just trying to do too much and it became a rat A solid, entertaining read, but I think I m growing weary of the domestic thriller, as they are all seeming to read about the same way Full review to comeI received a review copy via the publisher