[Mark Lee] Ó What Kind of Car Does a T. Rex Drive? [womens-studies PDF] Ebook Epub Download ½ expertcentr.pro

[Mark Lee] Ó What Kind of Car Does a T. Rex Drive? [womens-studies PDF] Ebook Epub Download ½ Pretty cute for a dinosaur book a bit unrealistic though they can t really fit in the cars and who paid for them Two knowledgeable kids save the day when Uncle Otto gets some unusual customers from the Cretaceous and Jurassic eras on his used car lot.
Funny and engaging, with Brian Biggs signature illustrations packed with color and detail.
Dinosaurs Find Their Ideal Vehicles In This Hilarious, Crowd Pleasing read Aloud, Perfect For Fans Of Dragons Love Tacos And Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site When A Stegosaurus, A Pterodactyl, And A Triceratops All Show Up At Uncle Otto S Car Lot, He Doesn T Have A Clue How To Help Them After All, He S Never Sold A Car To A Dinosaur Before Luckily, Ava And Mickey Two Kids With A Lot Of Dino Knowledge Are There To Help Pair Each Customer With Their Perfect Vehicle But Here Comes The T Rex, And He Wants To Buy A Car Too And He S Surprisingly Hard To Please So What Kind Of Car Does A T Rex Drive A Microcar A Convertible A Minivan You Ll Just Have To read To Find Out So funny and fun Would love a sequel maybe with mythological creatures On a hot summer day, Uncle Otto gets a visit from several dinosaurs looking to buy cars but he s never sold cars to a dinosaur before He, his niece, and his nephew find a suitable car for their dino customers But what kind of car does a T Rex drive T Rex doesn t seem to be easily swayed by their suggestions You ll have to take a drive through Otto s car lot to see what he picks Uncle Otto s car business is doing so well no one is buying cars I will sell a car to anyone or anything that shows up In short order, several dinosaurs show up looking for vehicles His nephew, Mickey, and his niece, Ava, help him match a good vehicle to each dinosaur But how on earth can you match a car to a T Rex If you give him the wrong answer, he squashes the car Finally, the find the T Rex and perfect vehicle and Uncle Otto changes the name of his business to Otto s Dino Cars.
This will be enjoyed by the Dino loving crowd.
A car salesman tries to find cars for dinosaur customers These illustrations are cute and kid friendly, the story is funny, and dinosaurs are a big favorite at our library Younger kids might not already know the difference between different types of cars, but this would be a way to discuss that.

Fun If you love dinosaurs and cars, WHICH I DO, then this is the book for you Those kids are better salespeople than Uncle Otto Just goes to show you have to know your audience What a great ending Children will meet five unique dinos and three helpful humans in Mark Lee s What Kind of Car Does a T Rex Drive Illustrator Brian Biggs adds plenty of punch with his zany caricatures, and inserts foreshadowing hilarity that s thunderously appealing.
Uncle Otto is having a summer sale at his car dealership, but he s flummoxed, and complains to his niece Ava and nephew Mickey that nothing s moving Uncle Otto is got, I will sell a car to anyone or anything that shows up, he tells the kids That claim gets put to the test when a Stegosaurus appears.
Uncle Otto has no idea what kind of car to suggest to the dino But Ava and Mickey suggest an off road vehicle because the Stegosaurus is a plant eater and could use the auto to zip into the forest for a filler up.
The zany menagerie continues as a Pterodactyl drops in, followed by a Triceratops and a T Rex

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