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Download Epub Format è Amateur PDF by ¿ Thomas Page McBee Only four years after finally getting the male body he always knew he was, transman Thomas McBee convinces an editor to enter him in a charity boxing match at Madison Square Garden No, he s never boxed before He mostly runs, and that s the kind of body he has 5 6 tall, and 130 pounds skinny, for anyone who thinks in metric and not US measurements Since becoming perceived as fully male rather than female or not quite defined, Thomas has found himself in unnerving confrontations with random men who want to fight him, and learning something about fighting seems like a practical response Immersing himself in New York s boxing gyms and learning how to fight forces him to spend a lot of time thinking about maleness, culture, socialization, and why it s assumed that men are just naturally violent and prone to fighting It helps that he gets paid to resear I thought about being a white man in America I thought about my pay raises, the assumptions of competency, the sudden freedom to walk alone at night, the way my body has transitioned from threatened to threat I thought about the advantages thrown at me for an aesthetic that looked like a birthright I thought about passing, and how it erased a part of me, and how hormones responded to context, and how race and masculinity were inventions that benefited me, and what I could do to challenge that 152 153 I want to preface this by saying that I am trying to be a better advocate for rights across all spectrums and sometimes I might say something that isn t inherently true or might come across the wrong way I want to be the I have asked myself questions about what masculinity is countless times I think Thomas was the first to give me an answer I was satisfied with As a trans guy interested in better understanding myself, I have read plenty of books that spoke about transitioning and finding one s place in a newly perceived identity but within the same flesh and blood This book provided an refreshingly honest look into one man s life and how he navigates through those questions Too often, I think, it is easy to get caught up in the negativity of masculinity, the way it can erode away a man, a society, a loved one looking on Thomas is able to articulate, validate, disprove just speak truth to these concepts in a way that, frankly, I have a hard time re articulating b I m so thankful for the way McBee put into words so much of what I ve often felt about masculinity I don t know if I ve ever felt as seen as I did reading this book This is an important read, not just for other trans men, but for people of all genders who are trying to figure out what to do with the social power they ve been given.
This is worth the read, but its weaknesses are hard to overlook It seems to be part of some sort of publishing boom in trans memoirs, and while I m grateful that there are books to fill the demand, this one fell short for me I guess it s because I ve heard many parallel insights about the tragedy of contemporary toxic masculinity from other GNC, transmasculine, and transmen or even other books Stone Butch Blues comes to mind From that perspective, the conceit of boxing felt artificial or even overblown I liked the book s framing question why do men fight But the answer never felt like the author believed it Perhaps this would have been much better in a shorter form, say a long read or a piece in the New Yorker The author certainly excels in those forms and I hope that as he grows as an author, his boo From BBC radio 4 Book of the week Thomas Page McBee, a trans man, trains to fight in a charity match at New York s Madison Square Garden, while struggling to untangle the vexed relationship between masculinity and violence.
Through his experience of boxing learning to get hit and to hit back, wrestling with the camaraderie of the gym, confronting the betrayals and strengths of his own body McBee examines male violence, the pervasiveness of gender stereotypes and the limitations of conventional masculinity It s a graceful and uncompromising exploration of living, fighting and healing.
Thomas Page McBee is a journalist and commentator currently living in New York His first book, Man Alive 2014 , was an account of the emotional and physical complexity underlying the process of gender reassignment, and also explored his early years and the sexual abuse he suffered, perp From An Award Winning Writer Whose Work Bristles With Hard Won Strength, Insight, Agility, And Love Maggie Nelson , An Exquisite And Troubling Narrative Of Masculinity, Violence, And SocietyIn This Groundbreaking New Book, The Author, A Trans Man, Trains To Fight In A Charity Match At Madison Square Garden While Struggling To Untangle The Vexed Relationship Between Masculinity And Violence Through His Experience Boxing Learning To Get Hit, And To Hit Back Wrestling With The Camaraderie Of The Gym Confronting The Betrayals And Strength Of His Own Body McBee Examines The Weight Of Male Violence, The Pervasiveness Of Gender Stereotypes, And The Limitations Of Conventional Masculinity A Wide Ranging Exploration Of Gender In Our Society, Amateur Is Ultimately A Story Of Hope, As McBee Traces A New Way Forward, A New Kind Of Masculinity, Inside The Ring And Outside Of ItIn This Graceful, Stunning, And Uncompromising Exploration Of Living, Fighting, And Healing, We Gain Insight Into The Stereotypes And Shifting Realities Of Masculinity Today Through The Eyes Of A New Man Maggie Nelson said that this book was like sitting with someone uncurling his hands, than holding them out to you, open, so that you can behold all the hard won strength, insight, agility and love to be found there and I think that s true This is a vital trans narrative about becoming and fighting and masculinity There s bloodiness and tenacity in it, but also gentleness.
I loved McBee s first memoir, Man Alive, And was thrilled to pick up his latest and chat briefly with him at an event last fall It was lovely to finally settle down to read it at last This is a thoughtful exploration of masculinity, written from an interesting perspective since, as a post transition trans man, McBee has lived as both a woman and a man He s noticed that now his voice has deepened and he wields masculine authority, his words and presence are given weight at work, for example In an effort to be a feminist ally he s finding that he needs to be mindful of speaking over women or inadvertently presenting a potential physical threat Interesting stuff I also thought how he applied and personalized academic work on passing was very interesting The narrative arc of the book is provided by his training to box in a charity match in Madison Square Garden, whic Qu importante es que la cultura popular escuche voces minoritarias y, hasta muy recientemente, silenciadas La transexualidad masculina sigue siendo un tema del que se habla poco en todos los ambientes, por eso es trascendental que le demos voz a las personas que viven esta realidad para que los dem s podamos comprenderla con mayor profundidad y verdad El testimonio en primera persona de este periodista trans es un ejercicio literario que mezcla la autoficci n, el periodismo y el ensayo Al contarnos su historia, Thomas nos habla de un mill n de cosas trascendentales sobre de qu hablamos cuando hablamos de masculinidad sobre la experiencia de transici n sobre los cambios de paradigma que, respecto al g nero, estamos viviendo en los ltimos a os sobre el machismo sobre los privilegios masculinos sobre encontrarse a uno mismo Este testimonio literari

Thomas Page McBee s Lambda award winning memoir, Man Alive, was named a best book of 2014 by NPR Books, BuzzFeed, Kirkus, and Publisher s Weekly His refreshing and radical The Guardian new book, Amateur, a reported memoir about learning how to box in order to understand masculinity s tie to violence, was published in August to wide acclaim Thomas was the first transgender man to box in Mad