Trailer Ì 29 Seconds PDF by æ T.M. Logan

Trailer Ì 29 Seconds PDF by æ T.M. Logan Give me one name One person And I will make them disappear.
Sarah is a hard working, dedicated and accomplished academic, but all her hard work will soon be for nothing if she doesn t do something about her situation Her serial predator of a boss has made it increasingly clear he is all powerful in his position at the university in which he and Sarah both work He has all the university big wigs in his pocket His influence is so great that the only way for her to now keep her job or even hope to work at another university, is to provide him with the sexual favours he s been harassing her over for the past two years When Sarah rescues a young girl in trouble, she inadvertently puts a powerful and dangerous man in her I got an arc from a publisher for this one and I agreed to be honest in my review Sorry, but if you say honest , you are going to get it.
This book was supposed to be a psychological thriller A lady who is being sexually harassed at work gets the chance to have anyone she wants disappear I liked the idea The problem was the heroine, Sarah She had to be the biggest loser ever I hated her enough that I would have liked to disappear her by the end of the thing.
Well, almost Except that I can spell vaccinate Still I get the sentiment.
Sarah is a loser who whines continuously in her head about how much of a victim she is for 350 pages Between the pages and pages of her pity party, we get exciting moments of her dressing her children and taking them to school, and petty squabbles her kids have You know, the boring mono Don t expect to pick up 29 Seconds and be able to just read a couple of chapters because you won t Completely addictive and utterly compelling, I was hooked immediately and knew this was going to be a truly brilliant read I was not disappointed When Sarah rescues a young girl in trouble her act of bravery puts a powerful and dangerous man in her debt He lives by his own brutal code, and all debts must be repaid in the only way he knows how He offers Sarah a way to solve a desperate situation with her intolerable boss A once in a lifetime deal that will make all her problems disappear No consequences No comeback No chance of being found out.
All it takes is a 29 second phone call Give me one name One person And I will make them disappear Because everyone has a name to give.
don t they I couldn t begin to imagi 3.
5 Stick to the Rules StarsProfessor Alan is an outstanding scholar and a gifted researcher, one of the best but he s harassing Sarah They work in the same university but Sarah s contract isn t permanent yet and the only obstacle to her contract is Alan So because of Alan s influence, she can t make a complaint But she did something and her reward is she can provide a name and that person will be disappeared But can she do that Or she thinks about something else But it s her reward so it s her right to choose a name, right This book was really thrilling and I really liked it I liked the writing, the short chapters were in my favor though But the ending was a disappointment I had high expectation for its ending It was my first read by this author but I wil This was a great book but I found the protagonist harder to sympathize with than many readers Not a spoiler because it s on the back cover but she does an accidental favor for a very bad guy who is determined to pay her back He offers to make someone in her life disappear, she takes him up on it and her life goes to hell.
You know what That s what happens when you let a guy with ties to the Russian mafia do you a favor and maybe, just maybe, that s what you deserve if you take a hit out on someone, even someone as intolerable as her target And he was a douchebag, big time, I take nothing away from that, at all She went the nuclear route and seemed surprised it didn t go well.
It s a taut, well crafted story and I love this author s style so it s still 4 stars because I couldn t

29 Seconds by T.
Logan is a psychological thriller that kept my hooked from the first page to the last I could not put it down and read it in one day, 3am before I finished it Sarah is a hard working mother of two young children Deserted by her husband and trying to cope Her boss is a bully and a sexual predator who makes it clear that if she wants to do well in her career she has to agree to his advances Sarah is then offered a way to get rid of her boss for good but will she agree to this offer Sarah was a great character and I was rooting for her all the way This books has many twist and turns and keeps you guessing about the outcome I have now downloaded the first book from this author and I am looking forward to reading it.
I would like to thank NetGalley and Bonnier Zaffre for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.
5 stars Damn this was so good I loved the author s debut last yearLies, but this book was definitely better Sarah, recently separated from her husband, is juggling raising two kids and her workload as a university professor A job that she loves, but that one of the men in her department makes exceedingly hard When she rescues a little girl from a kidnapping attempt, a grateful father offers to do a favour for Sarah The offer to remove a person from her life PERMANENTLY The only stipulation she has 72 hours and once she makes the call, the action cannot be undone Oh my gosh, this book frustrated me so much when it came to what Sarah had to face on a daily basis I am glad our protagonist tried to maintain some morals because I don t think I would have had a problem dialling that phone number But I just couldn t I received a free e copy of 29 Seconds by T.
M Logan from NetGalley for my honest review.
Wow, what a crazy and thrilling read Sarah, a mother of two children, works at the University with Dr Alan Hawthorne Dr Hawthorne is a disgusting, sexist man who finds a way to get what he wants and has been doing so for many, many years Unfortunately, Sarah is next on his list He tells Sarah that unless she gives him what she wants, she won t get her promotion she has coming up Sarah doesn t now who to deal with the situation at hand Then she witness an attempted kidnapping in which Sarah s actions lead to the girl escaping The girls father is very thankful and offers her an opportunity to get rid of her problems All Sarah has to do is give him a name and he will make FIVE CRAZY STARSThere were three conditions She had 72 hours to provide a name If she said no, the offer disappeared Forever And if she said, Yes, there was no going back No changing her mind She stated at this stranger, this man she had never met before and never would again after tonight A powerful dangerous man who found himself in her debtIt was strictly a one time deal, a once in a lifetime offer A deal that might change her life A deal that would almost certainly change someone elses.
It was a deal with the devil.
The rules were quite simple Don t be alone with him if you could possibly avoid it Don t do it say anything which he might take as encouragement Don t get into n a taxi or a lift with him Be extra careful with him when you were away from the office, parti Give Me One Name One Person And I Will Make Them Disappear When Sarah Rescues A Young Girl In Trouble, She Expects Nothing In Return But Her Act Of Bravery Puts A Powerful And Dangerous Man In Her Debt He Lives By His Own Brutal Code, And All Debts Must Be Repaid In The Only Way He Knows HowHe Offers Sarah A Way To Solve A Desperate Situation With Her Intolerable Boss A Once In A Lifetime Deal That Will Make All Her Problems DisappearNo Consequences No Comeback No Chance Of Being Found OutAll It Takes Is A Second Phone CallBecause Everyone Has A Name To Give Don T They TMLogan.