î Heart of the Fae Ð Download by Õ Emma Hamm

î Heart of the Fae Ð Download by Õ Emma Hamm ACOWAR fans should read this RTC Fantas a ambientada en una tierra parecida a la Irlanda medieval, con todo el folklore Celta como protagonista.
Es una historia entretenida, muy ligera y amena a la hora de leerla pero se ha ido demasiado al terreno rom ntico para mi gusto personal entiendo que es un retelling de la Bella y la Bestia, pero a n as.
El final no me ha dado sensaci n de algo cerrado, acaba en un cliffhanger para que leas la segunda parte al momento Por cosas como esa y otras creo que le falta algo m s de trabajo de edici n.
Como puntos positivos, la ambientaci n me ha gustado bastante a pesar de que he le do cr ticas de gente que conoce m s a fondo el folklore irland s y que ten a bastante que decir sobre el tema Tambi n me ha generado debates internos sobre la situaci n f Beauty And The Beast Meets Irish Mythology In This Sweeping Retelling Of The Beloved FairytaleOnce Upon A Time A Plague Sweeps Across The Emerald Hills Of U N Ill, Leaving A Young Midwife S Father With Months To Live To Save Her People, Sorcha Makes A Deal With A Dangerous Fae She Must Travel Across The Sea, Through Merrow And Kelpie Lands, To Find A Forgotten King On A Crumbling Throne Born King Of The Seelie Fae, Eamonn Fought Battles Unnumbered To Uphold Honor, Duty, And Freedom Until His Twin Brother Sank A Blade Between His Shoulders Crystals Grew From The Wound, Splitting Open Skin And Bone His People Banished Him To A Cursed Isle For His Disfigurement, Now King Of Criminals And Fools With The Help Of Brownies, Pixies, And Will O The Wisps, Sorcha Battles To Break Through His Crystalline Shell And Persuade Him To Take Back His Stolen ThroneThis Determined Beauty Could Come Dangerously Close To Stealing His Beastly Heart 4 STARSWho am I to judge others for the choices they makeThis was really good Emma Hamm is a great writer who has a seriously creepy imagination, lol The positives 1 The heroine had a backbone made of steel and a truly generous heart, which made reading this one a real pleasureOne must decide whether to live in fear, or courage2 The banter between Sorcha and Eamonn had some stellar momentsHave you no care nor discretion for your own survival You berate a creature of superior strength Superior Sir, I find you lacking in every sense of the word3 The fantasy aspects were top notch The pages were filled with unique, well developed, fantastical characters, including the heroEamonn was a creature bred for war and destruction4 The central message of the story was wonderfulYou can t change the world, Sorcha I would if I couldSo where are the 5 stars The negat If you want Irish Beauty the Beast, go read Marillier s Heart s Blood I was a touch underwhelmed by that one, but cripes, at least it had some sense of the Irish landscape and history God, where to start with this oneI ll say what I enjoyed first, since it s a shorter list the imagery of geode crystals in place of blood filling wounds is interesting and, to me, original Some of the quips and snark were amusing most, come to think of it just not employed nearly enough Also, nice cover art Oh, and the concept of the blood beetle plague is suitably horrifying Really long review ahead Because good books are all alike every bad book is bad in its own way 0 It s part of a perspective swapping series, but this part of the plot is actually a duology, which means this particular book ends of a cliffhanger btw It s half the story.
1 Lots of clunky, repetitive dialog that didn t sound na Can t wait until Heart of the Fae is released There are plenty of ways to stay in touch Pre Order today Find me on my Facebook for daily updates, snippets, and fan art Follow my Blog for extra content, information on characters, and bits of writing that won t be in the book Join in my Mailing List for emailed updates And of course, add this book to your To read to be notified when it s released Spirits of the East and Air, I welcome you into our circle and bid you well tidings On this sacred night of Samhain, come dance with us Spirits of the South and Fire, I welcome you to feast with us on this sacred night Spirits of the West and Water, I welcome you to drink and be merry with us tonight Join our revelries on this sacred eve Spirits of the North and Earth, I welcome you to this hall and ask that you tell us stories from ages past Speak easy and loosen thy tongue on this sacred night I m always looking for faerie elven stories to read so you could imagine how excited I was to find Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm Its a lovely retelling of Beauty and the Beast with an Irish folklore twist Sorcha, a young midwife, is deep in peril when a plague sweeps across her village and takes root in her father She had always b

This is it I ve found it I cannot believe I haven t read this book before yesterday.
A Beauty and The Beast re telling Are you kidding me I loved this book It combined my love of classic fairytale and Irish mythology Wohoo Unfortunately I m going to dnf at 58%.
The hero and heroine were extremely likeable The cast of characters were really great too The writing and the narration were amazing But the pacing was too slow for me, and I wasn t feeling the romantic connection between the H and h.
We never outgrow fairytales There s nothing better than believing in the fantastic, in the impossible, and especially believing in a love that can conquer all, even if it s only for a few hours Emma Hamm s Heart of the Fae is one of those love stories and like all great fairytales, it began, once upon a time When a plague ravages Sorcha s land, as a healer and midwife, Sorcha will do anything to save her people and her family from certain death She strikes a bargain with a powerful dark Fae with her own agenda and that will send her on a journey to a cursed island that few humans will ever see, a land that holds magic and a scorned, young Fae prince Eamonn is the rightful heir to the Seeley throne, betrayed by his twin brother, abandoned by h

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