¾ Tree-Ring Circus ¸ Download by ↠´ Adam Rex

¾ Tree-Ring Circus ¸ Download by ↠´ Adam Rex My 11yo son and I both really enjoyed the rich illustrations in this book, but my 6yo son pronounced it boring The description pegs it as part counting game, and perhaps some we could have played that up somewhat while reading, but that angle probably appeals to younger children e.
g preschoolers I do like how some of the characters are also seen in Pssst This book had me from it s pseudo circus poster with a booking by reinforced binding Charming story, delightfully illustrated.
In A Quiet Little Lea, Several Miles Out Of Town, A Tree Grows It Becomes Home To Sparrows, Chipmunks, A Whopping Big Bee A Runaway Clown Two Poodles An Ape Wait A Minute In His Quirky But Realistic Style, Rex Creates The Greatest Show On Earth Or At Least, In A Tree The Surprising Text Is Part Word Game, Part Counting Game, And Part Mystery The Illustrations Are Pure, Beautiful Mayhem, Loaded With Boisterous Energy And Cunning Little Critters That Readers Will Love To Chase Through The Pages The illustrations are a little messy and crowded, but the rhythmic text is nice and there s lots of repetition to keep a read aloud audience interested.
I have read Adam Rex before chapter book but had no clue what a talented illustrator he is This is his very first book and it is lovely.
read for Circus Storytime May 30, 2017 they really liked this one So, I have a confession to make I really hate books with lots of repetition like the House That Jack Built Especially when I have to read them aloud I know you re supposed to encourage the kids to catch on to the repeated phrases and chant along, but I just never enjoyed that bit When I m alone, I just skip the repeated lines and try to get ahead to whatever s supposed to be happening in the story So, when I started to read Tree Ring Circus I thought, Oh no Is this going to be an Adam Rex book I m going to have to decide I hate Phew This book is great The rhymes work, the illustrations are whacked, some line repeat and some don t, making reading this aloud or silently much interesting The kids can get in on the act when asked Drumroll, please The artistic style completely evokes a circus and it ends with a predictable yet satisfying bang 3.
5 Publishers Weekly did a feature not long ago on best children s books, and I decided to check out a few I know very little about children s book publishing, but I like to learn about new genres It seems to me that some books are driven by story or character, and others by the illustrations, and the real break outs have both This book seems to fall into the illustration category The story is a bit silly animals gather in a tree for no apparent reason I love the style of the illustrations, however, and this seems to be one of those books where you stop and let the child try to find certain things in the picture Can you find the five mice Good for interaction, but I wonder if young children have that kind of patience, or are about turning to the next page and nex

Summary A seed grows into a tree three miles out of town and animals slowly climb up to live in it A traveling circus stops by and the animals escape to get in the tree until the elephant climbs to the top and crushes it Then the animals get up off the ground where the tree fell down, three miles out of town.
Evaluation This book is all about the illustration The words are even illustrated to look like circus titles and headlines and they make the book comical and jovial There are lots of colors and a ton of detail, with the numerous animals that are in the tree, and it makes the book very like a visual circus I loved it.
This is a very busy book There s lots going on in the tree located three miles outside town Fun story.

Adam Rex grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, the middle of three children He was neither the smart one older brother or the cute one younger sister , but he was the one who could draw He took a lot of art classes as a kid, trying to learn to draw better, and started painting when he was 11 And later in life he was drawn down to Tucson in order to hone his skills, get a BFA from the University of Ar