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Trailer ê Sahara PDF by Ñ Michael Palin Michael Palin S Epic Voyages Have Seen Him Circumnavigate The Globe, Travel From The North To The South Pole And Circle The Countries Of The Pacific Ocean This Was Perhaps The Greatest Challenge Yet To Cross The Vast And Merciless Sahara DesertShrugging Aside The Perils Of Camel Stew And Being Run Over By The Paris Dakar Rally, He Travels Through Some Of The Most Spectacular Landscapes On Earth For The Sahara Is No Empty Wasteland, But Home To A Diversity Of Cultures Whose Long History Stretches From The Time Of The Ancient Egyptians To The Oil Rich Islamic Republics Of Today I have this idea that I want to go to Tunisia It has a lot to do with Carthage and my fantasies about recapturing the past, a place in which my mind always seems to dwell This book isn t the ultimate travel guide by any means, but it combines my interest in traveling through northern Africa and my undying love of Michael Palin If only he would be there to do that spectacular hoppity dance he did as the cured leper in Life of Brian, I d be on a plane right now.
In Sahara,Michael Palin goes off the beaten track,to the back of beyond.
To begin with,I was not too keen on this book as I thought that a travelogue through the world s greatest desert would make for grim,cheerless reading.
However,this book turned out to be very interesting.
Palin has a willingness to test himself under the most arduous conditions.
The parched landscape of the desert becomes the setting for a thrilling adventure.
He stays in primitive accommodation,travels long distances on the back of camels,samples desert food and does not lose his good humour in scorching temperatures.
This book was pretty well done, considering the subject material, purpose and route chosen I found it interesting even though i am not seduced by the mystery of that ocean of desert, nor am I a huge Michael Palin Life of Brian fan If I had been, I probably would have given the book five stars.
The Sahara sounds like a forbidding place, unwelcoming and full of hardships It also seems to have shaped the cultures that live within its embrace they have come to terms with living there but after reading this account, I have no illusions about wanting to go see it even for a short while.
Michael spent most of his time describing what he saw and experienced, then livened things up a bit with the odd funny one liner It helped relieve the dry, unrelenting grittiness of the trip through the book.
Fascinating, well written, beautiful photos, some humour, of course Interesting to read the different cultures.
I was fishing for Pico Iyer s travel books when I came upon this volume at Blossom s bookshop, Bangalore Written in diary format, it can be quite the companion volume to the hit TV show Though it starts off strongly and has some vivid imagery in between, some parts are rather skippable, and the overall effect doesn t linger than a couple of minutes.
It s quick and easy read and has some wonderful color photographs of the Sahara.
Its the first time ever that Ive read a book, a nonfiction travelogue at that and watched the TV documentary filmed on it at the same time And you know what The Book IS better.
Michael Palin, known for being a part of the Monty Python group and the movie A fish called Wanda, is the quintessential British traveller touring Saharan Africa He starts from the British colony of Gibraltar plunging into the Sahara through Morocco, moving onto Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Libya, Algeria and Tunisia to finally exit from Ceute, the Spanish outpost in Africa.
Along the way he gives us a real feel for the challenging landscape and the tough, unique inhabitants who live there.
His English witty takes on the situations that he finds himself in spices things up considerably.
Whether he is travelling by boat across the River Niger, by camel caravan across the desert or by standard modes of Very Enjoyable I like Palin s style of fact filled but fun travel guiding Quite interesting reading this 15 years later when so much has changed with regard to migrants crossing the Med to get to Europe today It was happening then too, but maybe in a less organised way, at least not on the same scale Palin s travels through the harsh realities of African life gave him good reason to feel sympathetic for the people that risk everything to get to Europe But much was admired too about the differences of the rich culture that encompass the wide desert.
11th Sept had just happened and has also changed a lot in the world, I wonder if such a trip would have been able to be undertaken by BBC today A curious observation being that Africa fought hard to get the European rule out after many years of colonialism only t Not for the first time during the reading of a book was I left feeling that a writer was becoming gradually disenchanted with his initial purpose, grand and promising to be full of adventure It was plain enough that it was a tough ordeal for Palin In the end, it just felt like he was glad that it was over.
The reason for the 3 stars then, apart from the fact that he writes pretty decently, dotted with the occasional wit, is that this book was like an inlet into, like MP and his childhood fantasies with the picture on the box of dates, my own inexplicable, and strange longing for the desert, and the lives of whole generations of people, who in spite of its exacting conditions, have lived on.
You probably would have guessed by now that I really enjoy reading Michael Palin s travel books That would be correct, I find them a delightful way to reminisce after watching the accompanying TV series as they give a lot insight and background.
Did you know that Sahara was filmed in two parts Or that 9 11 occurred while they were in the middle of the Sahara and didn t see any footage for days How many times did the crew get food poisoning You ll find all this and in Palin s meticulous but never boring travel diaries Covering the trip across the Sahara in a variety of means and meeting a number of people, it s a fascinating armchair ride His language paints a very detailed picture in your mind.
I didn t enjoy this as much as Around the World in Eighty Days but that s probably because I m

Michael Edward Palin, CBE, is an English comedian, actor, writer and television presenter best known for being one of the members of the comedy group Monty Python and for his travel documentaries.Palin wrote most of his material with Terry Jones Before Monty Python, they had worked on other shows such as The Ken Dodd Show, The Frost Report and Do Not Adjust Your Set Palin appeared in some of the