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Download Epub Format É I Do, But Here's the Catch PDF by É Pamela Burford I Do, But Here s the Catch is book two in the Wedding Ring Series This story is about Carlotta Charli Rossi, the second of the four friends and their teenage pact, and Grant Sterling, a clueless lawyer When her friends pair her up with Grant, it is the ride of their lives Charli is a 32 year old virgin Grant is a worldly lawyer as described by the author who doesn t want any romantic entanglements yet he wants a dutiful wife Their journey is sweet and poignant and is truly amazing when Charli discovers her backbone and makes her wants known And when Grant figures out he s being an idiot Priceless Loved this book, and couldn t wait to read the next one but it is a standalone I just wanted to read about all the friends I really liked this book I think it has to do with the author s writing that I couldn t put the book down or the fact that I was in the mood to read this The plot is not very convincing and sort of pissed me off spoilers The heroine has a pact with her friends that she has to date a guy they have set her up with as long as he is interested in her for three months Now, my problem with this is as follows 1 The guy could be an abusive asshole so the woman should have the freedom to dump him if she feels threatened unsafe.
2 It s always a wrong idea to force a girl to date someone I understand some girls are reticent and need a bit of a push to get into dating but the three month dating rule is downright dangerous.
3 It s quite pathetic and When Four High School Friends Promise To Find Husbands For One Another If Any Of Them Are Still Single At Age Thirty, They Have No Idea How Complicated The Pact Will Make Their Lives Twelve Years Later Book Of The Wedding Ring Matchmaker Series Is I Do, But Here S The CatchThe Prospective Bride Carlotta Charli Rossi, Last Of A Dying Breed The Thirty Year Old Virgin It S Love At First Sight When Her Matchmaking Friends Set Her Up On A Blind Date With Grant But Does He Feel The Same Way About Her The Prospective Groom Grant Sterling, A Handsome, Rich, Worldly Lawyer, Always In Control This Confirmed Bachelor S Only Goal Is To Make Partner At His Stuffy Law Firm, And For That He Requires A Mousy, Undemanding Wife Who Doesn T Turn Him OnThe Hitch Charli Is Thrilled To Become Mrs Grant Sterling, But Maybe She Should Have Paid Closer Attention To The Details Before The Wedding Grant Thinks He S Planned The Perfect Marriage Of Convenience, Devoid Of Messy Complications Like Sex And Commitment Good Thing Perfect Plans Never Go Wrong, Huh I never really felt that he was in love with her, just that he d decided he really, really, really wanted to have sex with her, a lot.
Marriage of convenience, sweet heroine, brooding hero, passionate love scenes This was one of the better Harlequins that I ve read in awhile I really liked it and was surprised at the amount of angsty goodness there was I found both characters very likeable even though the H had his moments At first I thought he was very calculating and I honestly thought he would actually find other women view spoiler He is on my cheater ish shelf because he had intent even went so far as to rent the room and buy the woman a drink before he realized he couldn t do it hide spoiler I was tempted to give this 2nd book of the Wedding Ring series 3 because I liked it slightly better than the first But it s just too problematic If the author hadn t pigeon holed herself into these 3 month from blind date to marriage scenarios, this one and the others could have potentially been decent romance novels But, here we are With a woman forgiving and taking back a man that was not only emotionally abusive at times, cruel and heartless often, and at one point crossed the line to physically assaulting her With nothing than an apology and a promise he had changed Ugh I really wanted her to divorce him for real From that first social event with his colleagues, I wanted their discussion about helping a woman divorce her horrible husband to pl

So Here s the thing I m about to drop this down hard so if you re offended easily catch me outside doh So I read the first of the series when it was suggested in my free you read books similar page So I got it It was fine I appreciated the sass The feels between Hunter and Raven were cute and made me snicker as they dished wit back and forth But COME ON no 18 year olds would make some dumb pact like that and actually hold true to it 12 years later Let s get real The book prior to this one, all things considered, was mildly entertaining but highly unrealistic to the point where I was like mehhhhhh I don t know if I wanna read the next one But I did DUDE I couldn t get past 50 pages on my kindle without literally asking myself WTF I need an author person, or someone who does something with books who knows than I do, to tell me why girls are pa This has all the ingredients for huge, soaring angst like a sweetest possible h taken for granted and used abominably by a dipshit H And it does go that way but the ending is bit of a dampener Such stories need a whopping grovel and a climactic ending and that s where the book fails So only 3.
35 stars view spoiler The H is a first class ass self seeking, patronizing and a liar.
He sees meets this sweet, naive, plain girl on a blind date and decides he s found his amenable, undemanding future wife As his friend partner puts itWhat you need is some sweet, sheltered young thing with a strong regard for family The thing is he doesn t wish to get married but he wants oh so badly to become a partner in the law firm he works for and which has a hypocritical and outdated 4.
6 starsThe hero was a uber asshole, with such an inflated ego that I wanted to take a pin and poke it into his head and watch the ego filled head go flat He did not deserve someone as sweet as the heroine But meh, I love my asshole heroes It doesn t even make sense to me, like there s no logic in why I like em, but I do The heroine was so sweet, but she could have given him grief over being such as asshole I wouldn t have minded I would have even liked the story better had she opened her mouth and stood up for herself But oh well, Go doormat heroinesThe angst infect throughout the book was pure bliss I reveled in the anguish and pain I loved this book.
Recommended for anyone whose tastes in books are as messed up as mine, and those who love asshole heroes treating the sweet, quiet heroines like shit, and getting away with it after a good grovel, tho

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