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Trailer é L'Amant PDF by ↠´ Marguerite Duras I opened the first page of Marguerite Duras The Lover, and there she was, the girl with no name with all her ancient reminiscences I heard her voice as if it were inside my head, Very early in my life it was too late It was already too late when I was eighteen How did you get there, my friend Or should I call you my sister, since from the beginning I discovered we shared anguishes and most certainly a great multitude of passions and dreams We both were introduced to this world by tortured mothers, who experienced this deep despondency about living Sometimes it lasted, sometimes it would vanish with the dark.
But their desperation was thoroughly heartfelt, for what can a daughter do when facing a mother desperate with a despair so unalloyed that sometimes even life s happiness, at its most poignant, couldn t make them forget it We daughters recognize them effortlessly as the awkward way My full review, as well as my other thoughts on reading, can be found on my blog.
An autobiographical story about an affair between a young French girl and a Chinese man, set near Saigon, The Lover wavers between repression and indulgence The tone is detached, the description spare, the narrative fragmented in spite of the the cool aloofness of Duras s prose, though, the novel is incredibly sensual Each image glints and radiates a warmth much at odds with the narrator s emotional reticence The unnamed French girl s tendency to return to describing a few central images from her past, capturing them from different angles, lends the photographic text a cyclical and erotic quality In the end, though, the story is rather disturbing the girl is exploited by her lover, and her family regular

Who isL amantThe characters in this story are nameless A puzzle of personal pronouns draws an anonymous canvas that perspires with alienation and the dense humidity of a foreign land, that mourns the loss of youth and innocence, that invokes the image of photographs never taken, the sound of words never uttered and the mirage of a future that never existed Only the condensed ardour that clouds up the windows of a small hotel room, where two slippery bodies abandon themselves to contorting passion, defies reality and the passage of time But who isThe LoverIsThe Loverthe fifteen years old tomboy standing in front to the ferry hiding her prematurely wrinkled face under the shadow of a man s fedora hat She never expected to fall in love with him She was only worn out with desire And her dysfunctional family of European colonizers needed the money.
IsThe Loverthe wealthy Chines i found myself utterly muted by this book, which is problematic because the book club meets this friday, and they aren t going to be so dazzled by my bruschetta that i can get away with just hiding behind the tiny jewess and drinking their wine so i have to think of something consulting the reading group handbook by rachel w jacobsohn, bought for my final school assignment, i learn how to think about literature characters and story line young french girl, older chinese man falling into bed and clinical love without names in indochina character s actions she has poor unsatisfying home life, he has rich traditional home life they bang everything seems muffled by gauze.
reader s emotional response unmoved if the author s voice is going to be so removed, and the characters are Very early in my life it was too late.
and Death came before the end of his story When he was still alive it had already happened.
The first, very striking quote, is on the opening page Like the second quote, it teases about horrors not yet explained that may never be Marguerite Duras wrote this autobiographical novella over a few months around her 70th birthday The narrative is dreamy and disjointed The family are damaged and disjointed She slips between first and third persons, tenses, and sheets The main characters are nameless, and pronouns sometimes ambiguous I collected the shiny tesserae, gradually constructing patches of story Some fit tightly, others less so, There s an erotic diversion to describe the innocently irresistible body of a schoolmate, H l ne Lagonelle You could almost read the snippets in any order like JG Ballard A world away from the intelligence insulting and glorified trash of E L James, Marguerite Duras has written a sparse, minimal and painfully sad erotic love story that never gets drawn into the realms of romantic fantasy.
And to deeply appreciate The Lover , it needs to be looked at from the perspective of Duras herself Pen was put to paper when she was 70, it s predominantly all about looking back on memories past, and I say it s a painful read, painful in respects to nostalgia, as nostalgia forms the basis for the story that has origins from her actual youth while living in French Indochina, age fifteen she fell in love with a rich Chinese man Duras takes this premise and places a white teenage girl in South Vietnam, into the arms of a wealthy older man who catches her eye while been driven in a limousine But this is a forbidden love DesireThe first time ever I saw your face was on the ferry.
I had my head buried in a copy of the South China Morning Post My father had said, if I read it every day, I would learn about the world around us, and his boy would become a man Only then would I be ready to take over the family business after him.
He was right, in his way I was thin and soft and na ve, even though I had just returned from two years in Paris I was still a boy, at 28 I m sure I would have continued as a boy, unless I had met you.
I had slept with many girls in Paris, and I bedded plenty after you, before I married my wife, a virgin until our wedding night But I didn t sleep with any of these girls out of love or even desire I fucked them because I could They came to me eager to be fucked, and we all knew the reason, my family s wealth and increasing prominence in Saig Prix Goncourt 1984 Who read novels like Les Mis rables, Camille The Lady of the Camellias, The Outsider and The Little Prince 126.
Best books, L Amant By Marguerite Duras This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book L Amant, Essay By Marguerite Duras Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You And the time comes, when we ve to make peace with our past, to let go of moments we cherished dearly, or of those which brought torment endless, the love we lived or the one we denied emphatically, the people we admired foolishly and the ones we d to abandon, things fall apart and what is left are the crumbled spikes we call memories And time comes, when those fragmented pieces of the past are to be jotted down, the unspoken tale to be spoken after all, to let out the stories inside us, not to seek a sympathetic heart or to moan over our losses, we say our hearts just for the sake of saying, to breathe freely, to be at peace Here is the tale told in most apathetic fashion, touching the innermost chords of the flesh in us which beats with the same rhythm as of the indifferent narrat

Marguerite Donnadieu, better known as Marguerite Duras pronounced ma g it dy as in French April 4, 1914 March 3, 1996 was a French writer and film director.She was born at Gia Dinh, near Saigon, French Indochina now Vietnam , after her parents responded to a campaign by the French government encouraging people to work in the colony.Marguerite s father fell ill soon after their arrival,