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ç Nienasycenie ✓ Download by ¼ Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz This is a book that deserves to be better known It s the kind of thing that all readers of 1984 and Brave New World would appreciate I managed to read this only because I found a neglected copy in the university library when I was a student when I ought to have been looking for other things but in my defence it was recommended by the Rough guide to Poland and since at the time I was due to go to Torun for a Summer school it seemed a good idea to read a book which would be utterly unhelpful with regard to my then immediate future.
The book has a great fin de siecle atmosphere, fantastical and comical by turns, set in an alternative semi fantastical world Western Europe is obviously hopelessly decadent, Russia a mass of petty states slowly being conquered by an advancing Asiatic Empire Poland the single bulwark of order and of European values, as a stran A challenging, vengeful, manic, weird, gloriously random, obscure panegyric A dystopian, war like, anti war novel The Polish Gravity s Rainbow, rendered less comprehensible via translation There is still a lot to gain, absorb and relish about this book, even if every other sentence goes in one ear and out the other The punning goes on and on an on, and examine the evidence of hundreds of notes before deciding whether your efforts to understand this book in its entirety are worthwhile Self references abound, along with comments on war, personal hygiene, lots of phallocentric jokes, goofy asides, well formed rational arguments alongside pure, indulgent sexual fantasy.
Like Wyndham Lewis The Apes of God, this is a book adored by other writers among them Gombrowicz but difficult for readers of our age to appreciate A profusion of characters carry on conversations conta Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz had an absolutely original mentality and as a result there is an absolutely original absurdist dystopia Insatiability.
He played fiendishly, brutally, savagely, inhumanly, sadistically, extracting his listeners entrails and wallowing in them the way Gilles de Rais was said to have done with his victims, gorging on the metaphysical pain of these human wrecks, rescuing them from the quotidian and catapulting them into a boundless eschatological awe and wonder This was art, not the sort of piano thumping performed by blas virtuosi or intellectual designers of new sensual thrills for hysterical females.
And this is exactly the way Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz writes he turns his narration into a firework of schizoid images with which he literally extracts his readers entrails In the

corpus , modus vivendi .
It is a difficult book to explain It fits within the strange and perverse literary universe, between Lautr amont s Songs of Maldoror and Alfred Jarry s Days Nights Complicated, perverse and at times unwieldy, I was mesmerized and overwhelmed, simultaneously I vacillated between being unable to put the book down, to being incapable of reading another sentence but I finished it Written in a language that is fantastic and punful, even in translation, with grotesque and unreal characters it has a basic story plot a coming of age story for the main character, Genezip Kapen, and his initiation into the sexuality His initial sexual, romantic relationship and involvement with a group of artistic sadists eventually corrupts him and he loses his mind Genezip, or Zip, runs off to join the military and then has a few mind loosening romances, which he ends up committing and participating in some u It is inevitable for a work of literature to be infused with its author s personality in multiple ways, not the least of which are their intellectual and artistic dispositions Quite early on while reading Insatiability, I caught my thoughts going back to Mervyn Peake Peake s vivid and visual writing had greatly charmed me in Titus Groan A look at Witkeiwicz s wikipedia page informed me that he too, like Peake, had been a painter His writing undoubtedly has a visual characteristic as well Peake had used his visual writing to draw striking scene descriptions and conveying the atmosphere of a setting Witkeiwicz uses his visual style to not only portray the scene, but, to some extent, while describing the thoughts of the characters as well Like the very first brush stroke on a blank canvas full of possibilities, you will There is something indelicately, yet refreshingly, agonizing to re reading something that you have personally regarded as a pinnacle of literature since your early 20s, only to find that this masterpiece that you have, over the decades, recommended blindly to countless associates, peers, and potential sexual partners, is just downright fucking terrible.
That it is Witkiewicz that we re talking about, though, somehow makes it all better It makes perfect sense to find that the crowning prose achievement of the consummate clown, social abberation, drug addict, anthropologist fucking, and malevolent absurdist Witkiewicz is, indeed, a colossal mountain of steaming, Tatran donkey shit.
Before I go on, I must observe that I have an immense amount of respect and admiration for Witkiewic This Novel, The Author S Masterpiece, Is One Of The Greatest Expressions Ever Of The Tortured Intersection Of Political And Personal Destinies In Eastern Europe Futuristic, Experimental, And Remarkably Prophetic, The Book Traces The Adventures Of A Young Pole Whose Own Fate Parallels The Collapse Of Western Civilization Following A Chinese Communist Invasion From The East Written In , Witkiewicz S Novel Presages The Horrifying Anti Utopian Society That Would Become A Reality For Millions Of Eastern Europeans In The Late S Insatiability Succeeds In Conveying The Catastrophic Mood Of That Time Its Malaise, Its Desires, Its Terrifying Glimpse Of The Future Un capolavoro semisconosciutoUn grande libro L educazione alla vita del giovane Genezyp Kapen in un mondo sull orlo della catastrofe, tra comunisti cinesi che stanno conquistandolo e la resistenza di una Polonia dominata dal dittatore Kocmoluchowicz Tutto il genio tormentato di Witkiewicz emerge in una scrittura potente ed in una straordinaria capacit immaginativa Poco dopo non rester che il suicidio di fronte alla Polonia invasa da due fronti.
I love Witkiewicz as an artist His drawings are expressive and have a touch of insanity about them I had also read about this book and gone to so much trouble trying to get hold of it so, you can imagine, I was really looking forward to reading this oneOh dear Perhaps it s my age.
I found this book difficult to get into but was prepared to give it a go I struggled It starts as a pseudo intellectual self analysis of adolescent sexual desires and religious belief, of relationships with parents and friends A tantalising reference to war and communist invasion is thrown in but most of that first chapter, and indeed the one that follows which is set in an aristocratic party the words just begin to merge and I found contemplating my navel much stimulating Pompous words and ideas just roll off in some sort of autonomous writing experiment I reall did lose the will to live Li

Stanis aw Ignacy Witkiewicz 24 February 1885 18 September 1939 , commonly known as Witkacy, was a Polish writer, painter, philosopher, playwright, novelist, and photographer active in the interwar period.Born in Warsaw, Stanis aw Ignacy Witkiewicz was a son of the painter, architect and an art critic Stanis aw Witkiewicz His mother was Maria Pietrzkiewicz Witkiewiczowa Both of his parents wer