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[ Pdf The Astral Codex Ì military-science-fiction PDF ] by Belsebuub ☆ This book has been a proof for me that somebody with a deep knowledge of a subject can write about it with ease, clarity and simplicity that is impossible for someone who only has a partial understanding When I first came across this material some years ago the first version of the book , it was just what I needed to get me consciously into the astral plane The other places online that I was searching lacked the depth and didn t sufficiently explain the connection between astral projection and lucid dreams, or the connection between the happenings in the astral plane and our internal states spiritual level The book not only explains what s needed for a successful AP to happen, but also how to use the as It s rather easy to find techniques with which to astral project and accounts of experiences on the astral plane, but I feel it s another thing to find a clear and comprehensive explanation of that dimension, how to learn to use it and what to do there to help your spiritual development, and what are the obstacles to that and how to overcome them All of this is what The Astral Codex does.
Everything the author writes is from his personal experience and knowledge He has learnt to astral project from scratch, he didn t have it as a natural ability So he knows all about the common obstacles because he had to find a way to get through them That s maybe one reason the book is so relatable and practical, and not theoretical in an abstract way It s all about being able to apply it in your practice rather than read about i This new and updated edition of material originally appearing free online in 2001 and then in the book A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams is a most practical and efficient guide that one could ask for In it, Belsebuub explains the step by step process that has taught me and apparently tens of thousands of others to learn how to astral travel.
Many techniques for the actual projection are given, as well as useful exercises that can be done during the day to increase one s chances of successfully projecting It s truly amazing when you get it right and can verify all the things said about the astral for yourself I am very thankful personally that this information has given me the opportunity to do just thatIf you re interested in learning how to astral project, then pick up this book and get ready to succeed This is the most helpful book on astral projection I ve come across There are many books out there that write on the subject but barely do so with such insight and detail It s often evident that they toss around the same ideas and theories I found that, in this book, the author was providing me with tips to succeed in astral projecting that came from his past trials and errors and that he was passing on knowledge rather than mere theories I can safely attribute the successful and life changing experiences I ve had with astral travel to this type of guidance Besides the OBE aspects of the book, I was happy to find the many gems that touched upon spiritual growth and how to strive for it A worthy read The fundamentals of astral travel written in a language for modern times from today s leading authority on the subject What could anyone ask for In this book Belsebuub describes his own experience of using the astral plane for knowledge as well as the skills needed for other people to be able to do so He talks about many of the topics relevant for astral exploration preparation, obstacles, near death experiences, verification, mind, and many In my experience, exploring the astral is than a mechanical exercise, it requires an inspiration and a certain kind of interest to delve into the subject Belsebuub explains the fundamentals in an easy to understand way and simultaneously peaks the kind of interest that is neces This is the latest edition of a series of books on astral travel and lucid dreaming that Belsebuub has written His first book I can say, along with his teachings on self knowledge for the purpose of awakening, changed my life If it s the first time you ve come across his work and are open to spirituality you must be if you re reading it could change yours Having your own out of body experiences can be the proof you need to really pursue a spiritual path But even if you do the question always arises what now How can I use this for something important Is it just to fly around and see beautiful things It s here that Belsebuub has a unique insight, and I d say authority, to guide others in using these experienc A Guide To Using Out Of Body Experiences For Spiritual DevelopmentThe Astral Codex Is An Effective, Practical, And Comprehensive Guide To What Out Of Body Experiences Are, What To See And Do In The Astral Plane, How It Fits Into The Structure Of Life, And How To Use It For Spiritual DevelopmentThroughout History, Seekers Of Spiritual Wisdom Have Traveled Beyond The Body Into Other Dimensions To Explore A Wider Reality Their Experiences Formed The Basis Of Otherworldly Accounts Found In Many Of The World S Sacred Teachings Drawing On Decades Of Out Of Body Experiences, Belsebuub Explains How Someone Can Use Astral Travel To Seek Out Spiritual Knowledge TodayThe Astral Codex Is Based On The Popular A Course In Astral Travel And Dreams By Belsebuub A Course Created In That Was Studied Online And In Person, And Taken By Tens Of Thousands Of People Worldwide Of The People Surveyed Who Took The Course, Percent Reported Having An Out Of Body Experience As A Result Of It The Astral Codex Includes Sections With Detailed QAs From The Course Find Out What Lucid Dreaming And Astral Projection Is Learn About The Multidimensional Nature Of Reality Learn About What The Astral Plane Is And How To Travel There Discover What Dreams Mean And How To Remember Them Learn How To Explore Destinations In The Astral Plane Discover How To Become Successful At Astral Projection Overcome Common Obstacles To Conscious Astral Travel Find Out How The Mind And Emotions Affects Our Ability To Perceive Other Dimensions Learn About How We Leave Our Body Every Night With Sleep Discover How Dreams And The Astral Plane Are Connected Learn About The Different Ways Someone Can Have An Out Of Body Experience OBE Discover The Stages And Sensations Of Having An OBE Learn Exercises To Help Train The Mind To Stay Focused On Astral Techniques Find Out Why We Have Bad Dreams And Nightmares And Where They Come From Discover The Reasons Why Science Is Limited In Its Studies On OBEs Learn How To Use Astral Travel For Gaining Spiritual Knowledge Learn About The Symbolic Language Of Higher Dimensions And How To Interpret It And Much, Much About The AuthorBelsebuub Is The Author Of A Number Of books On Spirituality, Out Of Body Experiences, Dreams, Self Discovery, And Esoteric Knowledge He Has Appeared On Radio And Television Programs Internationally, And Writes From Decades Of Spiritual And Mystical ExperienceVisit Belsebuub For Information I just read a fascinating section where Belsebuub describes an astral experience in which he did a meditation practice in an Egyptian temple In this meditation practice, he sat before a bowl of water that reflected the starlight from a long vent shaft in the temple wall, such as the shafts in the pyramid, and contemplated the stars It sounds like a beautiful practice, it would be really interesting to try this If you re interested in astral projection, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming or dreaming in general I think you d really enjoy this book It describes some very inspiring personal experiences of the author, and a number of techniques are given to try so that people can get their own experiences and don t just have to believe what they re reading Thanks to Belsebuub and this book, along with a class I took based on an earlier version of this book, I have successfully learned how to astral project I am very grateful, not only for the techniques, but also for the distinction between dreams, lucid dreams and out of body experiences and how to best use them for my spiritual learning.

www.belsebuub.com, in the form of articles, videos, and audio recordings Belsebuub has always believed that spirituality is something shared freely from the universe and therefore should be passed on in the same way For this reason he has never profited from his work Today, Belsebuub s work continues to be available free of charge on his website, and he does not receive any royalties from his books BELSEBUUB S MEDIA APPEARANCES Belsebuub has appeared over seventy times on radio and television to discuss spiritual topics, including appearances on the BBC in the UK, Rogers TV in Canada, Triple J radio in Australia, and national television in Greece.