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[Walter Dean Myers] ↠´ Sunrise Over Fallujah [horses PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ There s a blurb in the front of this book that I really agreed with Given the paucity of works on this war, this is an important volume, covering much ground and offering much insight Kirkus Review, starred review.
That s the biggest reason I bought it and put it on my goodreads shelf, my physical shelf, and my student shelf I ve kept it pretty high on my to read list, but there are just so many books out there.
There are a lot of war books out there both for YA readers, and readers in general A LOT of European Theater WWII books A lot of Holocaust books But there aren t a lot of high quality Iraq books Vietnam books WWII Pacific Theater books.
There are also not nearly enough non racial YA black books out there There are plenty of books where a black protagonist is dealing with the effects of Jim Crow, or escaping slavery, or being the first baseball player, basketball team Etc There is little camaraderie in this novel Birdy talks about the members of his battalion but I never got the impression that he was that chummy with anyone, except Jonesy Jonesy was a well developed character but everyone else mentioned Captain Miller, Major Sessions, Ahmed, Marla remained one dimensional I wanted interaction between characters and to get a grasp for their personalities They all remained very closed off and I don t think everyone in the army is tight lipped, there has to be than one fun loving Blues man like Jonesy in a battalion It was also really hard keeping everyone s rank straight but that s not the author s fault, it s my own slow brain The story did seem a bit predictable to me concerning the death of a It s hard to be brave when you can stumble across a world of hurt around any corner Sunrise Over Fallujah, P 125 This book really is tremendously impactful, and the story has reverberated in my mind long after I turned the final page The war action did not seem as intense as in its predecessor Fallen Angels, but all in all I thought that Sunrise Over Fallujah was a better story It also taught me a great deal about the ins and outs of what is happening to our soldiers over there on the streets of Iraq In many ways, I would say that Sunrise Over Fallujah is vintage Walter Dean Myers A fast paced, fast moving story with unexpected pockets of emotional resonance to really bring the events home hard Spectacular Maybe you have to be a hero type to deal with the bigger things that happen to you At least you have to be bigger than life to fit all the things inside you

I really liked this.
Middle school appropriate Really gets at both the camaraderie and the confusion of war Rang true to all the many adult war memoirs and stories I have read Thumbs up.
Robin Birdy Perry feels compelled to leave Harlem, forego college, and join the Army in the aftermath of 9 11 He does just that without his father s support In Sunrise Over Fallujah, the 2008 young adult novel by acclaim writer Walter Dean Myers, Birdy finds himself in Iraq and attached to a Civil Affairs unit, a group of soldiers assigned the dubious honor of testing the waters in various hearts and mind situations with local Iraqis conceived by higher ups who say they are intent on establishing peace and building democracy Birdy soon learns the people he can trust are the men and women soldiering right alongside them Beyond this small group, nothing s for sure.
Because soliders who participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom had not only to defeat an enemy but also to build relationships with locals whose loyalties might by lie with the old regime or wi Many novels seem to describe war and its effects on those who participate in the exact same way, by showing that war is simply bloody and brutal, while not actually giving any thought to how it changes people over the course of the story Then there are those that offer insight to the emotions and thoughts of the participants themselves, often evolving throughout Sunrise Over Fallujah, for the most part, falls into the latter category This novel is considered to be the tie in and companion, if not a sequel, to Walter Dean Myer s Fallen Angels Despite this, Sunrise Over Fallujah distances itself from that novel in the sense that it takes place in a very different war.
Robin Perry is a young man from Harlem who, after the events of September 11th, 2001, enlists in the United States I read this book for two reasons First, Meyers is an influential Young Adult author, and I wanted to know if and how to recommend this book to any of my middle school students interested in war Second, I admit that, after 8 years and counting of military involvement in Iraq, it s all too easy to allow the societal, moral, and political ramifications of the war recede in my consciousness The novel helps humanize the issues and evokes in me of an emotional response than I get from the periodic news updates.
No novel can possess all virtues, since some are mutually exclusive This novel trades the intimacy of being in a character s head for the objectivity of seeing everything around that character without any authorial int A Powerful New Novel About The Heroics And Horror Of War From Walter Dean Myers, Whose Bestselling Book FALLEN ANGELS Celebrates Its Th AnniversaryOperation Iraqi Freedom, That S The Code Name But The Young Men And Women In The Military S Civil Affairs Battalion Have A Simpler Name For It WARIn This New Novel, Walter Dean Myers Looks At A Contemporary War With The Same Power And Searing Insight He Brought To The Vietnam War Of His Classic, FALLEN ANGELS He Creates Memorable Characters Like The Book S Narrator, Birdy, A Young Recruit From Harlem Who S Questioning Why He Even Enlisted Marla, A Blond, Tough Talking, Wisecracking Gunner Jonesy, A Guitar Playing Bluesman Who Just Wants To Make It Back To Georgia And Open A Club I m not going to lie to you, fellow reader, I struggled through this book The language is in no way elevated, the plot is not at all complicated, and yet, I struggled I had such a hard time reading this book, especially towards the end Myers is writing through an adolescent voice, and I wonder if that is why the writing is so adolescent I also wonder how this book would have been if Myers had focused on just a few tragic events instead of SO MANY The book was so fast paced, and the hits just kept coming, there was no time to recover, no time to connect to the characters in times of peace Too many things happened in this book, that I honestly can t remember what happened I know the general idea a young man from Harlem joined the army and went to Iraq as part of mission Iraqi Freedom Beyond that general idea, I can t name any of the finer plot points I think that if Myers had spent ti

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