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[Tim Marquitz] × Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Read Online × Individual reviews below Big Ben and the End of the Pier Show The first story in this collection, and it s great introduction so far Focusing on a small pier owner in England and the effect of a Kaiju attack on his failing business, I get the feel that focusing on human element of the kaiju situation is the right way to tell these kinds of stories in fiction, and it s something I hope to see of in the future stories The monster fight between Red Devil and Big Ben awesome awesome awesome to see a giant robot this early was well described and interesting, and a giant robot BONUS I d rate this story as 3 stars, since it doesn t do anything particularly new, but is well written nonetheless, and enjoyable The Conversi The full review can be found on my blog and artist team of Tim Marquitz and J M Martin got together last year to form their own publishing company, the small press known as Ragnarok Publications As one of their first projects, they launched a kickstarter for an anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories with a very common theme kaiju The man with the idea here was Nickolas Sharps, a fellow blogger and writer who had recently seen the movie Pacific Rim and after enjoying the hell out of it, he got the idea to do an anthology about kaiju since it seemed as if the genre was rather sparse in terms of original fiction.
Needless to say, the kickstarter was mightily successful and just yesterday I finished reading the anthology in its entirety As someone who had a tiny hand in bringing the project toge Giant Monsters And Tremendous Havoc Brought To You By Master Authors Larry Correia, James Lovegrove, Peter Clines, And Many, Many Kaiju Rising Age Of Monsters Is A Collection Of Stories Focused Around The Theme Of Strange Creatures In The Vein Of Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Cloverfield, And The Anthology Opens With A Foreword By JEREMY ROBINSON, Author Of Project Nemesis, The Highest Selling Kaiju Novel In The United States Since The Old Godzilla books And Perhaps Even Than Those From New York Times Bestsellers To Indie Darlings Kaiju Rising Age Of Monsters Features Authors That Are Perfectly Suited For Writing Larger Than Life StoriesTABLE OF CONTENTSForeword Jeremy RobinsonBig Ben And The End Of The Pier Show James LovegroveThe Conversion David AnnandaleDay Of The Demigods Peter StensonThe Lighthouse Keeper Of Kurohaka Island Kane GilmourOccupied Natania BarronOne Last Round Nathan BlackThe Serpent S Heart Howard Andrew JonesMonstruo Mike MacLeanThe Behemoth Jonathan WoodThe Greatest Hunger Jaym GatesHeartland Shane BerryhillDevil S Cap Brawl Edward M ErdelacShaktarra Sean ShermanOf The Earth, Of The Sky, Of The Sea Patrick M Tracy And Paul GenesseThe Flight Of The Red Monsters Bonnie Jo StufflebeamOperation Starfish Peter RawlikWith Bright Shining Faces JC KochThe Banner Of The Bent Cross Peter ClinesFall Of Babylon James MaxeyDead Man S Bones Josh ReynoldsStormrise Erin HoffmanBig Dog Timothy W LongThe Great Sea Beast Larry CorreiaAnimikii Vs Mishipeshu CL WernerThe Turn Of The Card James Swallow Clocking in at over 500 pages, with 25 stories, Kaiju Rising Age of Monsters is a somewhat daunting read Assembling that many authors to write about giant monsters is an awesome feat all on its own, but to do it as a Kickstarter project is just mind boggling Tim Marquitz Nickolas Sharps are absolutely to be commended on pulling off something I honestly wasn t sure would work.
For me, some of the stories that worked the best were those that were already solid little tales on their own, and where the addition of giant monsters enhanced the story, rather than just being awkwardly shoehorned in largely because of the contrast they created in themes and subjects Big Ben and the End of the Pier Show by James Lovegrove was a perfect example, as was Monstruo by Mike MacLean, and Of the Earth, of the Sky, of the Sea by Patrick M Tracy and Paul GenesseAnother batch Really fantastic anthology about big monsters Everything is covered from POV s, different time periods, small, large and epic scale battles It s no surprise that the stories with a bit of Asian flavour come off as authentic and cultured, I think giant robots fighting monsters was probably their first concept and it has been refined and re explored since then.
Monsters in film and literature, now there is an exciting plot device to look at No matter how ugly the movie is or poorly written the story, I do try to find a bit of excitement among them all The concept of Kaiju as a monster threat was something I came to know only post Pacific Rim and the new Godzilla So you can imagine my joy when coming across a 500 page book with short stories that only feature the giant monsters I wasn t disappointed this is one real badass collection of Kaiju stories.
For the uninitiated, the word Kaiju is said to mean Strange Creature in Japanese There are monsters that rise from the sea and the ones that drop from the sky, there are the ones that are malevolent and some that are n If you ever grew up a fan of Saturday morning monster movies, if you ever played in the yard as a kid making like Godzilla tossing around your Hot Wheels, if you ever dreamed it would epic to pilot a giant robot into combat against giant dinosaur like creatures, if you ever wanted, as an adult, to reclaim some of your childhoodthen the collection of short stories in Kaiju Rising is exactly what you are looking for This collection runs the gamut of incredibly well crafted stories, from Alien invasion, to futuristic armagedeon scenarios to alternate histories set in WWI WWIIto an amazing story of how children s imaginations and those child s artworks become a bizzare and horrific, yet fun, reality Kane Gilmour also gives us an an incredible alternate history of the atomic bombings in Japan combined with a tale of magic of Four stars for total quality, and an extra one for the brilliant theme.
Nearly every story is a winner There were a few that didn t quite hit the right spot for me, but they were all well written, and we all have different tastes, so I am sure others will have different views.
I d even throw an extra star in there for the amazing artwork supplied with each story.
Read it You won t regret it

Yes, I am the project creator and co editor of KAIJU RISING Age of Monsters Yes, that does make me super biased Yes, KR AoM is the greatest anthology ever assembled, bias or not KAIJU RISING is the realization of a dream It is the product of a lot of hard work from a lot of amazing people I don t give KAIJU RISING 5 stars because it s my baby and Joe s and Tim s strange parents I know I give it 5 stars because our authors were able to make a pipe dream a reality And then our artists were able to illustrate that reality But honestly, it s the backers that have earned these 5 stars KAIJU RISING is the best anthology we could make because it s exactly what you deserve Within the pages of this book you ll find stories that will make you laugh and punch the air and maybe even cry There s so much diversity in these stories, it was a blast to read and reread and edit them Okay so this will be a running log as I progress through Kaiju Rising Age of Monsters Common themes so far are that all these Kaiju seem to have originated from the ocean or are ocean dwelling Oh and the illustrations for each Kaiju so far have been awesome.
Big Ben and the End of the Pier Show by James Lovegrove Great start to the anthology, although very similar in tone and style to Pacific Rim Probably not as short and succinct as it could have been Great ending.
The Conversion by David Annandale This story hits up a religious angle, with the Kaiju named Eschaton doing its best to bring about the apocalypse Very dark, very different.
Day of the Demigods by Peter Stenson Dude bro Kaiju frequents the sewer beneath the gym so he can guzzle down some steroid laced urine and get huge for the ladies But the lady he is after is not interested, so our dude bro Kaiju go

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