Download Epub Format µ Dawn PDF by ☆ Scott Farquharson

Download Epub Format µ Dawn PDF by ☆ Scott Farquharson This is a large collection of a wide variety of poems The first section, Colours, introduces you to the collection where he has many different poems with titles of different colors Each color, he describes what that color means to him, or what he thinks and how it relates to each color My favorite section was the chapter named Nature Scott writes beautiful poems about the nature around him, how he views it and what it means to him I thought they were beautifully written I liked how he separated the poems into chapters according to what each poem was about Scott clearly has a talent for writing poems, because I greatly enjoyed each one I d have to say my favorite is called Recovery from a superpower and Reason to soldier on They show the authors true talent an Some really great poems Really enjoyed this.
Dawn Is The Second Poetry Book By Author Scott Farquharson Written Shortly After Being Diagnosed With ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder It Explores The Various Changes In His Life, Perception And Mindset As A Result Of Finally Being Properly Medicated It Also Touches On The Change In His Attitude Towards His Recovery From Cancer

Scott Farquharson had written poetry all of his life as an outlet for a very confused mind He compiled his first book at the age of 19, General Thought Book of few words , which was self published on in 2010 Foloowing this, in 2012, he was diagnosed with adult ADHD and his whole life changed for the better as up to this point it had been up to his parents and subsequently his long te