Trailer Ë The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia PDF by ↠´ David King

Trailer Ë The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia PDF by ↠´ David King The Commissar Vanishes, by David King, is a remarkable and remarkably chilling look at life in Russia during the years right after the revolution of 1917 and up through the 1950s and even some aspects that lingered into the 1980s As the author explains So much falsification took place during the Stalin years that it is possible to tell the story of the Soviet era through retouched photographs That is the purpose of this book The book is all the remarkable because its main reason for existence is a decision made by the author, David King, in 1970 As King explains in the Introduction, he was looking through publicly available photos in the photographic archives in Moscow when he realized there was no entry or information or photographs of any type for Leon Trotsky, who had been a very important part of the revolution King writes They had This is like a coffee table book so I feel that I can claim having read it without having specifically passed my eyes over each and every word.
Great pictures and interesting history.
The Commissar Vanishes Offers A Chilling Look At How One Man Joseph Stalin Manipulated The Science Of Photography To Advance His Own Political Career And To Erase Memories Off His Victims On Stalin S Orders, Purged Rivals Were Airbrushed From Group Portraits, And Crowd Scenes Were Altered To Depict Even Greater Legions Of The Faithful In One Famous Image, Several Party Members Disappeared From An Official Photograph, To Be Replaced By A Sylvan Glade For The Past Three Decades, Author And Photohistorian David King Has Assembled The World S Largest Archive Of Photographs, Posters, And Paintings From The Soviet Era His Collection Has Grown To Than A Quarter Of A Million Images, The Best Of Which Have Been Selected For The Commissar Vanishes The Efforts Of The Kremlin Airbrushers Were Often Unintentionally Hilarious A Photograph Showing A Large Crowd Of Bolsheviks Clustered Around Lenin, For Example, Became, With The Aid Of The Retoucher, An Intimate Portrait Of Lenin And Stalin Sitting Alone, And Then, In A Later Version, Of Stalin By Himself The Commissar Vanishes Is Nothing Less Than The History Of The Soviet Union, As Retold Through Falsified Images, Many Of Them Published Here For The First Time Outside Russia In Each Case, The Juxtaposition Of The original And The Doctored Images Yields A Terrifying And Often Tragically Funny Insight Into One Of The Darkest Chapters Of Modern History There quite simply is no other book like this.
King s fascinating partial collection of doctored propaganda photos testifies to Stalin s, and his accomplices , terror The author s effort took years and years I m grateful to him for his wherewithal and determination When the time is right, I hope he bequeaths his entire collection to a museum or library I can get to someday.
I got to see monuments to communism in freshly liberated Europe in the early 1990s The artifice, fear, lies and pomposity required to keep themselves in power was just too much Such a waste.
It really is a pity I.
V Dzhugashvili didn t become a priest.
This book was filled with images, some just showing the defacing that happened during Stalin s reign to blot out individual that now had become enemies of the people Other images showed the original unaltered state and the authorized officially published versions with people removed and even times when people have been moved to accommodate the need Some alterations are crude, a simple ink blot over a person, others you have to hand it to the artist hired to airbrush and alter history, the photos showed little signs of being doctored.
The works are accompanied by descriptions of the people shown, their fate, which in most cases was an untimely death, and or a description of the political significance behind the image It was a crime to possess a picture of a person that had fallen out of favor, you were required to David King who died last week was a relentless documentarian of the Stalin School of Historical Falsification With his bold designs and his passion to tell the truth about the Russian Revolution and Leon Trotsky, he did the world a great service in the battle against the continuing lies and propaganda of the capitalist press about Russian history and socialism in general Along with his books, Ordinary Citizens a book of photographs of innocent people about to be killed during Stalin s purges and his monumental Red Star over Russia a pictorial history and commentary on the USSR from the Revolution to the death of Stalin , he presents the results of decades of research in archives and private libraries all over the world, particularly for material about Trotsky who was effectively erased from Soviet history by I know I m not the only one reading this book who is old enough to remember a time when the photos we saw in publication were not Photoshopped, when conventional wisdom was that people lied, but photos did not How naive we were This book is proof that manipulating people through manipulated photos is nothing new, and neither is the kind of personal branding we see in the age of social media Stalin and Lenin were masters of creating their own brand and writing their own story, and they were doing it nearly a century before anyone had heard of Facebook Unfortunately, they weren t just retouching photos to remove a few wrinkles, smallpox scars, or extra pounds they were using it to wipe people who fell out of favor out of history Absolutely chilling.

Or, The Coffee Table Photography book from Hell.
This is a summary, in glossy pictures, of photographic manipulation in the Stalinist period of the Soviet Union It is a direct precedent of Orwell, where history itself is shaped as a political tool.
It is easy to determine the general themes of this work the deification of Stalin, and the elimination of all of his competitors Stalin did not do so much in the early stages of the Russian Revolution, so as compensation he purged everyone else in Russian History and he replaced them It even became a crime to own photographs of these un persons, so one sees examples of faces scratched out or blotted with ink More and people disappear as the historical narrative changes We see this on the sample picture on the dust cover, where a group of five people all disappear except for Stalin, Watch as the great magician Stalin makes commissars disappear Truly one of the most chilling books I have read recently.

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